Wildlife Club takes on the outdoors


Tiffany Cavanaugh, Reporting Staff

The Wildlife Club takes place during the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in Mr. Steve Svec’s in Room A121. About 20 members are involved from all grades. The Wildlife Club is all about, well, wildlife. By taking hiking and camping trips, this club immerses its members into the great outdoors. If you have a passion for nature, then this is the club for you. Dean Vogel described the club, “It’s been a good few quick gatherings with friends to discuss nature and go outside and learn!”

For example, on the October 28th meeting, discussion of different animals, such as Marmots, and other various aspects of wildlife is a big part of the wildlife club. Students in the club are able to partake in that by going outside and exploring themselves.

The students really appreciate the atmosphere that club offers. Senior Shannon Brassil said, “It’s interesting to go out and see different things that are all around that you never even realized were important.” Shannon also mentioned her favorite topics in the club and what she hopes to see what the future holds. “I’ve specifically liked looking at things like medicinal plants and hope to get more involved in seeing different habitats. We see a lot of things I never would have thought to look for.”