Soccer Coach Career Profile

Soccer Coach Career Profile

Name: Jill Serafino

Job Title:  Soccer Coach, Simpson College

Education: BA in Psycho-physiology and Fitness Management

M.Ed Athletic Counseling

CAGS School Counseling

Background: West Side girls soccer and tennis coach, AIC women’s soccer assistant coach, Springfield College assistant coach

Average day: Every day is completely different and that’s why I love what I do. While in season I plan, organize and conduct practice sessions in accordance with NCAA rules and work with players one on one to help them improve in areas they lack mastery. I communicate daily with players to build their confidence, gain their trust, teach them the game and assist with academic concerns. I also must coordinate travel and meals for away games. We compete twice a week, so I need to prepare rosters, scout opponents, analyze film and collaborate with my coaching staff to strategize for the upcoming game. I handle 3 budgets: general budget for team needs, fundraising for special goods/trips and the recruiting budget – these are evaluated and reviewed every month. I constantly email and call prospective athletes to get them interested in our school and soccer program. I attend tournaments and games to identify high school players that I feel would fit our program and that will flourish at our school academically. I invite recruits on campus and coordinate clinics and camps.


Difficult part of the job: Sometimes finding the positives when we don’t get the result in a game can be tough.

Also, watching a player get injured and needing to sit the rest of the season or their career.


Favorite part: Watching the team come together and connect as a unit. It’s in that moment that they all seem to understand what I’m teaching them and we see results immediately.


What would I tell someone who is interested in pursuing coaching: I try impacting my players in a positive way. Teaching them skills and values that will transfer to all other domains of their lives – academically, socially, within careers, family life, etc. I have such an influence on these young adults and I always try to make it positive. We, as coaches, are preparing them for the real world after college. It’s not just about the sport when you’re a member of a team… It’s so much more than that. As a coach, it’s your job to create the whole experience for the athletes.