Democrats Club brings a new voice to local politics

Democrats Club brings a new voice to local politics

Tiffany Cavanaugh, Reporting Staff

One of the clubs that has emerged this school year is the Democrats Club. Ms. Samuels, the adviser of the club, is impressed with the student turnout and interest so far.

Currently, there are about 10 members from all grades. Club members are involved in the community. They attend town meetings and political rallies. Sponsored by the West Springfield Democratic Committee, the club was established to bring forward the ideas and goals of the high schools left-wing students.

“We all firmly believe that there is a definite need for change at all levels of our government. With this club, we’re able to voice our opinions and fight for what we think is right,” said club member, Jimmy Oliver. To help with the growth of the Democrats Club, a variety of different politicians have come in to speak with the members.

Since the fall, the club has hosted many guest speakers such as Dr. Irizarry, the chairman of the school committee, former Mayor Ed Sullivan, and State Rep Mike Finn. The guest speakers are sponsored by the West Springfield Democratic Committee. They spoke to students about their role in the community and explained what they do to help the citizens of West Springfield.

These speakers illustrated what they want to see more of in West Springfield putting an emphasis on commercialization and the overall look of the city. The speakers listened to the opinions and suggestions the Democrats Club members shared about what would make West Springfield a better place to live.

“I appreciated the fact that these people were able to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories with us, as it surely is interesting to hear,” said sophomore Benjamin Bonifacio. Some of the students in the club are now even members of the town committee.

Students in the club also participated in the Bernie Sanders’ rally in Springfield, MA to help with his campaign back in September 2015. “Our club members almost unanimously support Bernie Sanders and want to do what we can to spread his message,” said senior Daniel Joseph Callahan. Sanders now faces Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary race.

Recently, the club hosted State Senator Jim Welch. Together they discussed local and state politics, addressing issues such as the opioid crisis and the corrupt political finance system. The club meets every Friday after school in Room B313 and is always welcome to new members.