Video Specialist Career Profile


Name: Patrick Healy, WSHS Class of 2001

Occupation: Video Specialist in the Consumer Marketing Agency (CMA) at the LEGO Group

Education/Training: I have an Associates degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Colorado. While this was important, I found the best way to learn is through experience. Being on productions and trying different roles allows you to really learn the in’s and out’s rather than just reading about it in text.

What is a typical day’s work consist of: There isn’t a typical work day. We work on all sorts of things ranging from web videos, TV commercials, filming at events across the world and much, much more. That’s my favorite part of the job; it can be a different project or adventure every week.

What advice would you offer someone interested in this career: There are two pieces of advice I wish I had gotten. The first is practice. The best way to become comfortable as an editor or using a camera is hours and hours of learning the little things that can make your work stand out. Get together with your friends, make silly little movies and have fun. The second piece of advice is to take nothing for granted. When I first started I thought I knew certain things or didn’t think things would pertain to me but they will. So always take information or teachings seriously. You may have already known it, but you will pick up on new things the second time around.

What is the toughest part of the job: The toughest part of the job is trying to focus and get the work done. I work with so many fun and creative people that it’s easy to get distracted talking about toys, comics or movies. The actual hardest part is that we are an international company, and being so we are constantly working with partners of both different languages and cultures, and it is important to be aware of all the different limitations and customs that come with each region of the world.