Yoga Instructor Career Profile


Name: Amy Bourque-Schaetzer

Occupation: Yoga Instructor

Education/Training: 200 hour to receive registered yoga trainer (RYT) certificate

What is a typical day’s work consist of: First, I prepare what type of class I am going to teach. I want to think about what class, then usually I decide on if I want a theme or focus on a certain chakra. Then I go and prepare the room depending on the class. If it is a hot class I’ll turn the heat on and humidifiers, clean the floors, burn some incense, role out my mat and stretch to center myself. Also I’ll get out my stones and music needed for the class.

What advice would you offer someone interested in this career: One must be passionate about yoga and teaching, and also be willing to be open. You must devote yourself to constantly learn and study because the job itself can be physically and mentally demanding.

What is the toughest part of the job: The toughest part is trying to say no to a class and not burn myself out. Teaching many classes can both physically and mentally straining.

What is the best part of the job: The best part is the connection I receive from students and the universe, and also knowing that I am helping others connect spiritually to the world.