80 Second Editorials

80 Second Editorials are questions created by the Terrier Times staff and answered by students and faculty. All questions are based on the personal opinions of participants and do not represent the opinions of the terrier Times staff. The editorial questions are available on the Terrier Times website.


Abby Bourque, Opinions Editorial

What do you think of the new headphones/phone policy? Why?

“Allowing students to have their headphones without getting in trouble gives students more freedom. It may also help students to focus, and listening to music does no harm to anyone. Although they might get distracted, that is where the other part of the policy comes in. Teachers have to give permission to have students listen to their headphones in class.” -Anna Dzhenzherukha, Junior

“The new headphones/phone policy was a very good idea because it allows for students to do the exact same thing as before with their headphones and cell phones without getting into trouble. This means that students can listen to their music and use their cell phones a lot (which they were already doing anyway) and instead of being punished in a variety of ways by various teachers, they can do this freely and it saves time for both the teachers who are punishing the students, and the students being punished.” -Lucas Scalzo, Junior

“I do like the new headphone policy. I like it because I don’t have to worry about getting yelled at in the hallway just because I don’t want to listen to what’s going on around me.” -Mia Capaccio, Sophomore

What type of teacher/teaching style to you respond best to and why?

“I respond best to a hands on teacher that does not just read script but teaches their own lesson.” -Andrew Strange, Senior “A varied teaching style is the best, having variety to your teaching process is better for everybody of all types, there are those who like to write, those who like to talk, and those who like to get hands on and make stuff, having all of these will boost the skills of all.” -Connor Moriarty, Sophomore

“I respond best to teachers who strive to have a personal relationship with their students, who inspire creative thinking and conversation. Testing and silent reading is not enjoyable for me. I enjoy speaking and sharing ideas.”     -Isabella Boutet, Junior

“Classes in which the teacher cares about the students and making a difference in the lives of others. The teacher and student having mutual respect makes a class enjoyable too.” -Iman Zafar, Junior

Should people be required to stand for the pledge and National Anthem?

“It’s true that it’s respectful to stand for such patriotic things but people should not be forced to pledge anything that they don’t believe in or stand for.” -Dina Timofei, Sophomore

“Although most people in America stand or kneel when the pledge or National Anthem is playing, the fact that American citizens and especially those who play a national sport are opting out of either the pledge or the anthem is very surprising. Players of a sport on a national level should know that they should have the courtesy and respect for those who fought for their country and sacrificed their lives. You could always go through highlighting the wrongdoings in America in different ways, such as fundraisers and charity work. ” -Vincent Nguyen, Sophomore

Is cheating getting worse? Explain why or why not.

“I think cheating is getting worse because some teachers don’t give enough time to learn things and then they want to give us a test or quiz about it soon ,so I think some students cheat when they didn’t have enough time to learn a subject.” -Jasmin Lopez, Sophomore

“It is. Students are progressively getting lazier, as they get less and less motivated. Most teachers slip past the true understanding of the topic and just want to make sure you know the facts and can state what happened in the Gilded Age of America. Then, when students realize they don’t know the information or understand the information, they are pushed by society to pass their classes by any means possible.” -Samantha DePergola, Junior

“I feel that is hasn’t gotten that much worse, most people know the consequences of cheating. If caught it would be terrible which makes people not want to try it, but it is always something that can never be completely stopped as people learn sneaky methods.” -Joshua OBrien, Sophomore

Does class size matter? Explain why or why not.

“Yes. The larger a class, the less a teacher can help individuals, the more said individuals get farther and farther behind the crowd.” -Theresa Magni, Senior

“It’s honestly the same whether its small or big, it’s the people inside the class that make the difference.” -Ilya Vashchylka, Sophomore

“I think class size has a mediocre effect on your learning experience. Small classes are much easier for one on one learning with the teacher, and can be much less distracting. Students who work really hard and pay a lot of attention will do just as well in large classes. But, large classes can be very distracting to the teacher and students, and can disrupt the course of learning for the whole year.” -Jenna Melvin, Junior

Do you think your generation is more self-centered than previous generations? Why or Why not?

“I don’t think my generation is more self centered than previous generations, people may seem that way because they show they love themselves a lot, but I believe that’s because most of us learned to do so only recently, and we are proud to love ourselves.” -Ceara Bowler, Sophomore

“My generation is more self-centered than previous generations. Since the creation of social media, my generation has continued to brag about how great we think we are, and show off our possessions. We are constantly trying to prove to our peers that we are worthy of high status and popularity by promoting ourselves all over social media and the Internet.” -Chloe Crowley, Sophomore

“I’m SO SICK of older people saying that things were better back when they were the prime generation. No, they were not. Things were not better in the years when there was color segregation everywhere, the Cold war, the Vietnam war, and the cocaine and drug rises in the 80’s were all terrible too. There are good and bad things to every generation. Taking a selfie that takes two seconds and posting it to feel good about yourself is nowhere near as vain as waiting months for an oil painting or sculpture or hours when photography was first invented.” -Mackenzie Strong, Junior

“This generation is not more self-centered than any other generation. Every generation is self centered in their own way. No age group is without its faults and if you think that your generation is better, just remember, not only is this generation still young, but we all grew up differently. Who’s to say your generation was the most self-centered but you didn’t have the opportunity to share it. Just don’t judge entire groups of people and accept that every generation has their own strengths and weaknesses, and maybe the fact that your judging this entire generation and saying that you’re better proves that you’re self centered.” -Liam Florence, Sophomore

What do you think the most important issue facing your generation will be? Why?

“I believe that the biggest issue is the way people are treated. Think of society as a food chain, the popular kids, often athletes, are at the top and the kids who try to be themselves and make it through school are at the bottom. Those at the top of the social ladder think they are better than everyone else and that they have no flaws. They pick on the kids they think are weak and they feed on that till those kids are so beaten down that they don´t know what to do anymore. They can get to a point where they do irrational things to try to fix the problem. The reality is that this wouldn’t happen if people just opened their eyes and saw the truth. Things can’t change unless we all work together to make a difference. So don´t just read this and say to yourself this is not happening in my school or I don’t do this so it doesn’t affect me. The the truth is it affects us all. You can skip this article if you want and watch things get worse or you could help make a difference.” -Andrew Nash, Junior

“Making sure that we have our own opinions and research to back it up and not allow the media to skew our knowledge of certain subjects.” -Jordan Sibilia, Senior

“Cleaning up after previous generations.” -Adriel Vega, Sophomore