Democrats Club visits statehouse


On March 16th the members of the West Side Democrat’s Club and adviser Ms. Samuels visited the statehouse and met the State Representative, Mike Finn, and state senator, Jim Welch.

Jocelynn Acevedo, News Editor

West Springfield High School’s Democrats club visited the Massachusetts State House Wednesday March 16th, 2016. Six members and their club adviser, Ms. Samuels, met with State Representative Mike Finn and State Senator Jim Welch to tour the building. Overall, the trip left a lasting impression on all who attended.

The bus traveling to Boston had an energetic vibe.  “We were all excited to go the capital of Massachusetts and to see our elected officials and to converse with them,” said senior Jimmy Oliver.  Outside the weather was nice and freshman David Truong commented that he was lucky to visit on such a beautiful day. When they arrived, a State Representative and State Senator were ready to give them an in depth tour of the House. Most people do not get that kind of thorough treatment.

The Great Hall is one room that Samuels remembers the most out of all viewed. Beneath the golden dome, 321 colorful flags hang representing cities and towns across Massachusetts. There they learned about the various incorporation dates of cities and towns that they did not know about, including West Springfield’s. “You don’t realize how much history you are surrounded by when you walk in there. This is basically the starting point of the American Revolution,” said Oliver. Truong agreed adding that there is a lot of embedded history into the Commonwealth that he did not previously know of.

The students lesson expanded to more than just Massachusetts. They learned how a State House operates and about the positions held within the building. They learned how a bill gets passed. Sophomore Joe Callahan shared that it was interesting to see how the State House is structured and how politics work statewide, “Before going in, I didn’t really know how voting or the state house worked. Also, I learned other little things about the history of the state house and how things are governed at a state level.”

Their tour guides were especially impactful as they were politically well known individuals. Samuel’s expressed that it is important to get to know your office holders because if you have an issue, you could talk to one of them about it, “For example, if you need services for a family member you can call your state rep to help. They can’t solve everything but there are political solutions to everything.”

The tour was notable to each of the students in their own way. Senior Alexis Coard said that she will never forget that trip and it is coolest that she’s ever been on. Truong said, “I think it’s important to know how your government works, and overall how things are run, as well as know the history and culture of your home.” The students felt the importance of visiting the State House and meeting the individuals working for them.