Empire of Storms

Empire of Storms

Gabrielle Daley, Contributing Reporter

Sarah J. Maas’s latest high fantasy installment, Empire of Storms, in her best-selling Throne of Glass series once again reminds readers of how thrilling her novels are. This sixth addition, like all her other works, is filled with action, humor, sarcasm, friendship, and romance; overall, Maas takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius seems to have gone through endless hardship to reclaim her throne, but she is only at the beginning. Maas writes, “This war would not be won on smiles and manners.” She must learn the ways of a ruler, find allies, and learn how to control her maturing, flaming powers. She has lost people she loves and has gained them through her dark past. Now, the time has come when she must learn how to trust and rely on those who serve her. Some demons from her past cross her path in this novel and the notorious warrior and queen has to figure out how to put them down, or how to use them to her advantage. In Empire of Storms her court has the determine how they can stop the Dark King from demolishing life as they know it.

Maas has an undying talent to create and mold her dense and magic-filled worlds until it seems like she can’t develop its vividness any further. However, in Empire of Storms the reader will travel into undiscovered land and encounter uncovered creatures. In addition, the reader witnesses an array of characters grow and find themselves. Her already dearly loved character face a multitude conflicts and the reader gets a deeper understanding for their mindset, dreams and wishes. To add, characters that the reader may have despised become appealing.

From the first to last page, Maas reels the reader in and seems to not lose her grasp until the very end of her novel. In the process of reading not only this new edition, but the previous novels in the Throne of Glass series, you will have many uncontrollable laughs, cries, and frights. Sarah J. Maas somehow always leaves the reader feeling empowered like her characters. Empire of Storms will not let her loyal readers down, and must be read after you inevitably pick up the beginning to this wild journey, Throne of Glass.