Mr. Lancour

Mr. Lancour

Josh Bergeron, Sports Editor

 Have you ever seen a teacher walking down the halls and wondered, who is that? I’ve never seen them before. With over 100 faculty members in the high school, trying to know all of them individually is nearly impossible.One of the many faces, we may encounter over the course of the day is that of Mr. Lancour. At a glance, a man of his build, a strong intimidating build, might appear to be just that; intimidating. However, after having the chance to talk with Mr. Lancour you’ll realize the exact opposite. His students and colleagues enjoy working with this  kind and personable teacher.

Mr. Lancour is the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for West side which means he teaches the PE classes for students with special needs.  He began working here in September of 2013 and he says he loves teaching in the district at the high school. Mr. Lancour attended Westfield State University taught for a while in Westfield prior to coming to West Springfield, but he is happy with his decision to teach here. “It’s very personable and it feels like a family almost,” Lancour said.

He has changed the PE classes drastically since he has arrived in West Springfield.  Prior to Mr. Lancour coming here as a PE teacher, students with special needs would have physical education class within their classrooms for 30 minutes each day. Which, as one can imagine, was very restrictive. Since he started working here, those students now have PE for an hour each day four days a week and they are able to use all the gym space, and equipment the school has to offer.

“My goal is to teach them basic skills and basic games that they can take with them into adult life,” said Lancour. One difficulty he faces is working around the other PE classes schedules to find space for each day’s lesson.

“Sometimes we have to make adjustments to our lessons and be able to adapt and change the lesson plan for the day depending on what the other classes need for space,” he explained.

Mr.Lancour himself grew up in Agawam as a Brownie. He thought it was a little difficult coming to teach in West Springfield after growing up in a rival town.  “I do still have some orange and brown at home,” Lancour admitted.

Along with teaching, Mr.Lancour is also the coach of Westfield State’s rugby team. As of this year, the team is ranked number 44 in the nation. He played rugby himself for the Springfield Rifles for about eight years and was captain of the team for two consecutive years.  However, due to some injuries catching up, once a coaching position opened up at Westfield he decided to take the opportunity knowing his playing time might be coming to a close. “For my first two years coaching I was still the captain of the Springfield men’s team, so I had to juggle work, coaching, and going to practice captaining the Springfield team. That was a hard couple of years,” he said.. After the team won the conference championship, he put playing aside and decided to focus more on coaching.

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Although someone may look strong and intimidating as many rugby players do, you never know until you get to know them.They could really be a kind, interesting person and good teacher with an exciting background like Mr. Lancour.