Rock Climbing Club Strengthens Body And Mind

Sara Monim, Reporter

Joining a club in high school is a great idea to help you make new friends, boost your resume, and develop leadership skills.  One of the clubs that started last year is the Rock Climbing Club. They had their first climbing session on Wednesday, September 28th from 3 to 5 pm. Students climb at Central Gym in Hadley. They meet on Wednesdays through November 16th.

Ms. Toy runs the club and it is her second year as the adviser. There were about seven students who signed up for it last year. This year there are eight students registered.  Rock climbing club is great for building teamwork skills. Students work in teams, where one person climbs and the other belays. The person responsible for belaying lowers the climber down to the ground when they are done and keeps them from falling if they slip. Students also use problem solving skills when figuring out the best path that they should take to climb. Ms. Toy’s favorite part of advising the club is the fact that she can provide an opportunity for students to try out rock climbing. “It’s not a sport that many students have tried, and it’s very rewarding to see students get excited about rock climbing and work on improving their skills,” she said.

There are plenty of benefits to rock climbing. Climbing helps your physical strength. Your arms and shoulders will become stronger along with the neck and back  because you are always looking around as you climb.  It also can help you get in shape by burning calories. On average, climbers burn about 596 calories per hour. Rock climbing can also help build your mental strength. It is a fantastic way to conquer your fears,  build confidence, and increase self-esteem. The same willpower it takes to climb a mountain or rock wall can be applied to daily life. Difficult tasks that seemed impossible (large projects, public speaking, job interviews, etc.) can seen less intimidating when you apply the same attitude and motivation to complete them as you do when you climb.

Change your life, get motivated, and increase your self esteem by signing up for Rock Climbing Club. Don’t hesitate to try out something new. You might be surprised at what you find out about yourself while you learn a skill that you can continue with throughout your life.