Election Spotlight

“The American people have spoken. I believe the next four years will be very decisive and gridlocked. I don’t think much will get accomplished because of the divisions in the country right now.”-Mr Giguere, English Teacher

"Getting up early." -Bryan Kolontay, senior

“I’m very happy with the results of the election, we definitely need someone like Donald Trump in office. Make America great. Donald had some great points and hopefully it all works out well” -Bryan Kolontay, Senior


“I did not share my political views with any of my classes. We talked about the election a lot, but it was all process and historic background.” His classes even made posters that were put up around the school. But he believes that it is inappropriate for teachers to share their political views, even who they are supporting, in the classroom setting. He does his best by presenting students with information and wants them to make their own intellectual decisions. After the election, he was disappointed in the result because he was supportive of Hillary Clinton.  “I have never watched an election that flipped the way that it did in a 15 minute period. I’ve never seen where the candidate that is supposed to win is winning, and then all of a sudden, in six states the other candidate is now ahead.” He elaborated saying that he is fearful regarding some of the things Trump had said in his campaign. He has seen many honorable republicans before and he did not find that quality in Trump. As for the future of the country, Mr. Taylor said, “the world is not going to end, and we’re going to be fine.” He compared this to 1800 when Jefferson was elected and people hid their bibles because they believed he would send people into homes to take their bibles. “ I think we need to get beyond the us versus them mentality. Instead of saying I’m a democrat and you’re a republican. As Jefferson said after the election of 1800, ‘We’re all Americans.’”- Mr. Taylor, History Teacher
“I think that Trump is the best candidate we could have had and while he isn’t the best out of all the possibilities america could have given, He’s a better choice then Hilary, and I hope he’s a good president because he has to make changes and he is the only person with the determination to do it. I predict that he’ll change a lot of foreign policy and immigration processes and he will better the economy.”-Isabella Boutet, Junior


“Personally, when looking at other people’s reactions and how they’re really upset about Trump getting elected, the most I can really hope for is that Trump actually does well in office because now he’s our president. You know, when it comes to whoever is president, you want them to do a good job representing our country. Expecting one to fail in that high of an office isn’t a good way to think about it, because when you have that mindset and never leave that mindset, the country will just be reduced to shambles. I’m skeptical, and there’s some things that he’s going to do that I think will leave the country in a terrible state, but one can only hope for the best.” – Ben Bonifacio, Junior