The Death Of Romance

Edric Parker, Opinions Editor

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Is romance dead? Not really. Although you may hear adults and elders ask that question, they don’t understand that the approach is different. Back then you had to do a lot of extra stuff and be a “gentleman”. Now, all you have to do is like a few pictures, leave some comments and DM the girl. What we do is a lot easier if you think about it.  But there’s a downside to how we show romance. Now it’s focused mostly on looks instead of personality. Some relationships are based more on attention-seeking now. Honestly, how many times have you seen somebody post a picture online, and they’re looking good, but got an inspirational caption that has nothing to do with what they just posted. Then when you do meet them, their whole personality is different from what was displayed online.

I grew up around my mother and have two sisters, so majority of my house has been filled with women. Growing up, I was taught to be a gentleman, for those that don’t know that means giving girls compliments, always looking presentable, getting gifts, taking a girl out, paying for her and the list goes on. I do believe in that still and I honestly try to practice it, but the reality is that it isn’t necessary like it was before, it’s almost optional now. Don’t get me wrong, you still must have some form of respect for women if you ever hope to get anywhere with them, but the overall concept of romance doesn’t involve as much work as before. Everything before recently was done in person, face to face, and if you didn’t have the nerve to do it you gave up. But now, we can do everything through social media without getting nervous and sitting there looking hopeless. Although it can both a blessing and a curse, there’s no doubt that there is less effort that is put into being romantic now. The worst that could happen now is getting ignored, told no, or cat-fished. 

So has romance really died? I think not. Romance is still very alive today, it just goes down in the DM’s.