Spotlight: Holiday Traditions

“We all come together as a family and have dinner, and we also listen to music” -Stefane Mejias
”When my aunt got married my uncle bought her a joke present which is an ugly ceramic fish bowl. So now every year at Christmas we regift it to a new person and nobody knows who will get it next.”-Mackenzie Lynch
“My family is Italian and we all go to my aunt’s house and it’s an Italian tradition to have seven different fish dishes. Then we all eat dinner and, since we are all Catholic, we pray before we eat. After we open presents based on age so they youngest would go first, and then my uncle plays guitar and we all sing Christmas songs.”- Izzy Boutet
“We wear onesies on Christmas morning and eat a lot of food like french toast.”-Shelby Merril

“We always eat cinnamon rolls Christmas morning”-Greta Rainville