The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

Sara Monim, Reporter

If you are looking for a romance that combines a little sense of comedy with drama, you should definitely read “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. The book’s fascinating plot is guaranteed to keep the reader absorbed from beginning to end. Don’t miss it. It is beautifully written and well worth reading.

The book rose to #1 on and was on the Barnes and Noble bestseller lists in June 2011 shortly after it was published. It sold more than nine million copies internationally and has been translated into 47 different languages. Green tells the story of two teenagers who fall in love at first sight. The protagonists, Hazel and Augustus, each have their own struggles. Hazel was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer while Augustus was in remission from cancer, but the disease returned and he also ended up with terminal cancer. The main characters met in a cancer support group.  You might think that this plot-line could only bring heartbreak, but the story brings much more.

Hazel is characterized by her intelligence and sense of humor. In one of the support group’s sessions, Augustus admitted that oblivion is his greatest fear. She laughed at him and thought his idea was stupid.  After this dispute arises between the two, they developed a strong friendship that eventually turns into love. The two read a novel about a teenage girl who dies of cancer and they did not like the ending. They tried to meet with the writer, Van Houten, so they sent him a message asking him a few questions. However, the writer lives in Amsterdam and he asked them to come in person to talk about the subject.  At a picnic, Augustus surprised Hazel with tickets to Amsterdam. The author treated them very badly, so they left feeling disappointed.  Later on, they found out that the novelist has written this work for his daughter who died of cancer in the past. He is now facing many difficulties and tends to treat everyone rudely. From this encounter they learn that they don’t want to end up the same way.

Through the protagonists’ experiences and their relationship, they developed a deeper perspective on both life and love. This young adult book can teach readers many powerful lessons. Augustus asked Isaac whether he feels better or not. However, Isaac answered no and he responded “That the thing about pain it demands to be felt”. In other words, this conversation can teach readers that people at some point in their life they will suffer pain, otherwise they won’t have stronger personalities. Another lesson is that when you try to achieve your goal, there will be always obstacles along your way. In order to accomplish your target, you have to work hard and not to give up. As Hazel demonstrates, “I had been poked and stabbed and poisoned for years, and still I trod on.” The characters are so likable that by the end of the book you feel you’ve known them all your life.