80 Second Editorials January Responses


Will the legalization of recreational marijuana for those over the age of 21 have more positive or negative consequences?

I think that there are more positives than negatives when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana for those who are 21 or over because it allows those who used it regardless of it being illegal, to not worry about being arrested for something that they enjoy doing. Another positive aspect of legalizing marijuana is that it takes away a lot of business for those who sell drugs and the less drug dealers there are on the streets, the better off our communities are. – Lucas Scalzo, Junior

I think there will be very negative consequences from the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana, whether young people realize it or not, is viewed as a gateway drug. Gateway drugs teach the body addiction, and the need to feel that sense of pleasure that getting high of marijuana gives it. As time goes on, the body will need a stronger type of drug to achieve that high, and this is where the drug epidemic of our country comes from. – Alyssa Blair, Sophomore

Negative. Many people who have abstained from experimenting with marijuana because it was “illegal” will now see this as an open window. Another trouble that could arise would be driving under the influence, something that could result in the death of another innocent driver. – Ariana Albano, Junior

Should the second amendment be rewritten to reflect modern day gun standards?

Yes, the second amendment should be rewritten to reflect modern day gun standards. That isn’t to say they should be banned entirely, but more restrictions should be placed on them. – Ceara Bowler, Sophomore

I believe they should. It should also be harder for people to get guns nowadays because way too many people have illegal guns or have guns that shouldn’t. – Kenzie Scott, Senior

Absolutely not. This should be a very simple question. No. To answer a question with a question, was the 1st rewritten because of the invention of the computer and modern cell phones? No, because as soon as you start tampering with the foundation of our country, the building that is this nation will eventually fall. Should one amendment be changed, who knows what other amendments could be changed (domino effect). – David Bosini, Junior

Should we become a paperless school? Why or why not?

I think we should become a paperless school. Our society is evolving and we are using technology for almost everything. By going paperless, we will keep moving forward to a more advanced school. – Brenna Lynch, Senior No, many studies prove that writing things down rather than typing helps promote better memory. It is not healthy look at computer screens all day, and I am someone who gets frequent headaches, so many times it even hurts to look at my screen. – Samantha Biseinere, Sophomore

I can see paperless as being positive and negative. The reason being, the more you write things down the better you remember it and if everything was electric everyone would just copy and paste everything. – Alexanna Sutton, Senior

Should schools be allowed to use corporal punishment? Why or why not?

No – this is child abuse and teaches students that physical abuse is okay, and could possibly teach them that they aren’t worth as much as they are, lowering their will to do anything. -Star Stratos, Senior

No, because this form of punishment does not necessarily discipline everyone, it just makes them defiant. I also don’t think it’s morally right to use a form of punishment that is meant to physically harm or make one uncomfortable since it can have great psychological consequence on a growing mind. – Muskan Idris, Junior

Should funding be raised for charter schools in Massachusetts?

We should have charter programs or charter classrooms within the regular schools. I would love for one community, any community to band together, throw their support behind their students and teachers and tell the federal and state governments to go away. Charter schools are good in theory, but in their results in practice are inconsistent. – Mrs. Samuels, English teacher

No, there are too many instances where the owner of a charter school walks away with a lot of money, and charter schools take funds from public schools. – Theresa Magni, Senior

Are the web restrictions at our school too restrictive?

Yes. If there is a website that could give us more information about a subject, and can help us understand a question better then the teacher explained, we should have access to it. Even on YouTube, there are videos we can watch to study, plus listening to music is the only way some people can study. – Faiza Abdulla, Senior

No. School is to learn, not to browse the web for other things, or to play games. – Natalie Thomas, Senior

Yes, I think they are because sometimes these restrictions hold us back from doing actual school work which makes the entire point of having a Chromebook completely redundant. – Muskan Idris, Junior

Do you trust the government? Why or why not?

No I don’t. There are many liars in the government that try to make themselves look good and appeal to the public. The only thing they want is power and more money. -Maypaw Chit, Sophomore

Yes, the checks and balances system and the loads of work that was put into making the government good is enough for me to trust it. -Connor Moriarty, Sophomore

I want to trust the government, but I don’t. The government is made up of people, and people, as a whole, are not to be trusted. Many people go into politics for the money or the fame, which shows that they likely aren’t in the positions they are in to help the general public. – Marley Gonsalves, Sophmore

Is dating/romance a thing of the past?

Sadly, yes. With technology and new social tendencies, people forget how dating works. Dating is a series of events that leads up to you dating a person. You spend time with each other (as friends), go out to eat, movies, etc., and you build the relationship. It’s not as simple as “Hey let’s date!” That’s how people break up so easily. You haven’t met the person yet. You’re dating them solely on surface qualities. A few people get lucky with the people they date, but even fewer know how to properly date someone. – David Bosini, Junior

No, we just go about it differently. People still want love and romance we just don’t do it the way past generations have. – Jaimee O’Brien, Senior

Unfortunately, today it seems that it is. People just text and go to movies, where minimal conversation is required, and unless you get to know someone face to face through talking, it shouldn’t even be considered dating. -Karly Cohen, Senior