Spring 80 Second Editorial Responses

Spring 80 Second Editorial Responses

Should the school day start later? Why or why not?

Yes, it is scientifically proven that adolescents require more sleep to function effectively.  -Autumn Matthew, Junior


Yes, I think the school day should start later, even if it is one hour. It would give more people time to get ready in the morning instead of feeling rushed. -Angie Howland, Senior


No. It would be great to sleep in a bit more, but then school would end later. -Amanda Clark, Senior

Do teachers spend too much time preparing for standardized tests?

No. We need a lot of time to prepare for standardized tests because they are important for graduating and getting into a good college. -Zoe Morris, Sophomore


Absolutely! A class should be focused on making sure every single student learns something. Teachers are too worried about how their students grades will make them look. I want to learn about the world, not how to take a test. -Gabrielle Trudeau, Senior

Do standardized tests accurately convey intelligence? Why or why not?

Overall I think they do. Although you could’ve had a bad day or not be a good test taker, a standardized test is the best way to measure large amounts of students intelligence. Of course you can be smarter than the test and know more information han what they ask you or you can just be really good at guessing but all in all, they do convey intelligence. -Lauren Beliveau, Senior


No. As people who speak different languages and have special circumstances are held to the same standard. -Colin Scully, Junior

Are small schools more effective than large schools? Why or why not?

Yes, it is more personalized attention, as someone who comes from a small school I do feel you learn better due to a smaller and more focused learning environment.  Douglas Bednarczyk, Junior


It depends. Often a smaller school can have better teacher to student ratio which helps get a more direct education. However, a larger school is better socially. You are not going to live in a small world, so the exposure to lots of people, groups, etc is better for an education. -Sophie Coyne, Freshman

Does homework help you learn? Why or why not?

Homework helps me learn in math subjects, because it is more skill based than knowledge based. In most other classes, I don’t feel as if I benefit from homework in any meaningful way. -Tyler Powers, Junior


No! It is a complete waste of time, especially as an athlete with 3 hour practices every day. Homework is just busywork! – Michael Partridge, Senior

Why do you think people don’t read for fun as much as they used to?

I think people don’t read for fun anymore because with the amount of social media sites out there to take away their free time. When people get home from school and have some time to relax most won’t open up a book but instead go on their phone and check out twitter or snapchat. Teenagers and kids now also need to always be on the go to be entertained. Everything has to be loud and exciting to keep their attention for more than a few minutes and books sadly don’t do that for them. – Angie Howland, Senior


Because school makes reading so mandatory, it quickly becomes stressful and seen as unwanted. The school not only provides books that aren’t interesting, but they force the analyzation of every little detail. Every word not known is required to be taken down… All this required work bogs down the student, and makes them hate the idea of reading… It will seem consistently forced.  -Samantha DePergola, Junior

What local issue(s) should the mayor address?

I believe that the mayor is doing an excellent job in his position as town executive and making himself available to the general public to voice their concerns.  – Abby Bourque, Senior


Keeping the town unified and eliminating prejudices due to national changes. – Gabrielle Trudeau, Senior

What national/global issues should the president address?


I think one of the things we need to address is the gun situation. I know that our president thinks that we need to have an immigration ban and put up a wall. But, if you look at the statistics, most of the murders that go on in our country are from American citizens, whether they are white, native- born Americans, or Americans who went through the long and tedious process to become a citizen. I think instead of focusing on kicking everyone out of the country, the president should focus on controlling the gun usage. If we control the gun rights, then I bet the number of shootings will go down. -Danielle Trudeau


The president should focus on the wage gap. If he works on closing the gap between the working class and the 1%, it will in turn help the economy. The natural economic cycle will improve since the wage gap is the underlying issue  in relation to recessions and depressions. – Lauren Beliveau, Senior

Is protest effective? Which issue(s)/rights do you feel strong enough to take action against if violated?

Peaceful protest is effective. Look at the civil rights era of the 1960’s… Peaceful protesting and speeches from prominent figures were some of the most influential moves in getting legislation passed! However, rioting in the streets, burning down stores, and smashing in windows like a bunch of animals gets people nowhere. They seem uncivilized- and , ultimately, like a group of uncontrolled people who need to be stopped, more than helped. If the people’s right to own guns was violated, I would feel strongly enough about it to take action. -Samantha DePergola, Junior
No it is not. Most of the time the protest is not large enough to even capture the attention of who is being protested. Furthermore, It only creates an air of distrust and hate between the groups. If my first amendment rights were violated, I would feel strong to take some action. Most likely not a protest, but action. Jarrett Allen, Junior