The Wizards “Harlem Shake” The Terrier Thunder

Photographer: David Hosmer

The Harlem Wizards took on the Terrier Thunder in a charity event for the West Side lacrosse program and the recovery of WSHS student Conor McCormick.

Edric Parker, Opinions Editor

On May 23rd at West Springfield High School, the Terrier Thunder played against the Harlem Wizards in a charity event that raised money for the West Side Lacrosse Program. This year it also helped support Conor McCormick in his recovery from a spinal cord injury. With a final score of 71-68, the event ended in a victory for the Wizards, who haven’t lost in 25 years.

The roster for the Terrier Thunder team consisted of:

Mayor Will Reichelt,

Superintendent Mike Richard,

Mr. Patruno from Cowing Elementary,

Mr. Granger and Onix Cruz from Coburn Elementary,

Ms. Morneau, Ms. Rogers, and Mr. Baily From Fausey Elementary,

Mrs. Hogan and Mr. Hanscom from Mittineague Middle School,

Principal Heath from Tatham Elementary,

Principal Gillen and Mr. Federico from WSMS,

WSHS Principal Dr. Perrone, Officer Wise, Mr. Girardin, Ms. McDonnell, Coach K, Coach Griff, and Mr. Kerrigan.

According to WSHS principal, Dr. Perrone, Mr. Kerrigan was the driving force behind the event. Kerrigan, who scored four points as a guard, felt that all of participants deserved praise because of the time they took to play and entertain for such a positive cause. “It was a good experience for a great cause,” said Kerrigan. The Wizards vs. Thunder game was originally scheduled to occur in March, but was canceled due to the weather. The most memorable part of the evening for Kerrigan and many of the viewers was when Conor McCormick came on the court to greet the players and was shown support by the entire team and crowd. 

 Mrs. McDonnell, teacher and RY adviser, played as a forward and had a 100% shot percentage with 2 points. She described the game as “a lot of fun, exciting, entertaining, and funny.” McDonnell also claimed that the best part about the event was the excitement from the kids and the high participation in the audience. 

The event was entertaining for both children and adults. The Wizards showed off their skills and kept the crowd entertained. Overall the game, was praised as an entertaining show and hopefully an event we can continue hosting for years to come.