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No True Feminist is Anti-Men

No True Feminist is Anti-Men

Samantha Grunden, Opinions Editor

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A word that started out with positive connotation made its way through the ears of many and is now too often seen as a radical negative belief. The definition of feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Men and women. Feminism has been around since the nineteenth century when women were fighting to vote; as basic and human as that sounds, we as females were excluded from politics. Many women and men refuse to call themselves feminists because of the way we as a society have twisted its meaning. Men are even somewhat afraid of the backlash they may cause if they identify themselves as a feminist. No need to question why a new word is sweeping the web and the mouths of many, adding to the negative connotation of being a feminist. “Feminazi” has come to context.

Feminazi is heard in school hallways, bars, the mall, and in many other public locations. However, social media plays a main role in influencing people’s ideas and popularizing  this word. The word was spread in an uproar on twitter, a social media website home to celebrities, politicians, and a wide range of teens. The word is referring to “radical feminists” that are anti-men. In reality, being a feminist means that you believe there should be equality amongst all people as a whole. Feminists fight for rights among everyone.

No true feminist is anti-men.

Emma Watson was a representative for women across the globe when she gave a speech to the United Nations. She began her speech stating that she was indeed a feminist. She proceeds to explain her research on the topic of feminism in today’s society. “Feminism has become an unpopular word, women are choosing not to identify as feminists…” Emma emotionally continued on to say, “apparently I am among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive…” This is where words like feminazi began. Instead of being afraid of strong opinions, don’t be so bias and start being open minded.

The word feminazi was created to belittle women with strong voices. The word reminds many of the unsettling word “Nazi”. As in the “National Socialists” who were Adolf Hitler’s puppets during the holocaust. Need I remind that the holocaust killed more than seven million people and yet our society still uses the word nazi to identify someone. Actual “Nazi’s” in today’s society aren’t even given that title. Society softens the blow and call them alt-right groups. So why did we still use the word nazi? Better yet, why are we identifying the word nazi with an equality movement?

Why are people so afraid of women having strong voices? Women still make 20 cents less to a man’s dollar, 18% of women report experiencing a completed or attempted rape at some point in their lives, men are afraid to come out and say if they’ve been raped because of fear that society will strip their masculinity, women are still fighting for a voice to control what happens to their own bodies. Men can’t even express human emotions without being told they aren’t being “man enough”. Women are still thought of as sexual objects to be owned or taken advantage of. Women should have strong voices, and it’s definitely your problem if you can’t handle that.  Feminists will continue fighting for the equality of the sexes no matter what harmful words may come. Don’t be afraid of the word. Join the movement for equality.

I am a feminist.


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No True Feminist is Anti-Men