The Roads That Led to West Side


West Springfield High School new librarian enthusiastically participating at the West Side Showcase.

Iman Zafar, Reporter

      West Springfield High School’s new librarian, Elizabeth Davis takes us through her journey, following her adventurous routes of travel. Never being afraid to explore, she has gone down multiple roads seeking the right path for her. Mrs. Davis has had her variety of interests during her time as a student at Southwick High School. From the arts to the social sciences, she tried her hand at everything, with a suggestion from her father she eventually settled on pursuing a Bachelors of Art and English with a focus in Secondary and Middle School Education from Westfield State University. Davis went into teaching with the intention of continuing her love of writing but quickly met with obstacles. “When I got my first job in Agawam, I really gave my life to my job. I even taught summer school and worked a second job on top of that for ten years,” Davis explained sincerely. After working consistently and passionately in the same place for ten years, Davis really felt like she needed a change within her life.

     Thoughts of a different pace and a different place brought her to Savannah, Georgia. “I am very spiritual on another level, and I had this weird urge, I felt very drawn and compelled to move to Savannah, Georgia,” Davis said about the magnetic pull gripping her towards the south. Davis’s fascination with spiritual life reflects her superstitious nature. Always being a believer of signs, during the time she was considering the move to Savannah, the movie Eat, Pray, Love was the precise signal of approval she needed to set off on her journey. In the movie, the main character Elizabeth (coincidentally with the same name) realizes her life isn’t going the way she wants and decides to end her marriage, getting a divorce. The fictional Elizabeth risks everything and moves to three different places where she has never been in the process learning some very important life lessons. Mrs. Davis felt a strong connection to the movie as she was at a similar point in her life.  

     She made the move to Savannah, Georgia with the hope of finding herself and her purpose. Savannah was a experience of its own for her, a six month long experience. Davis worked two jobs in Savannah in order to support herself but eventually ended up back in New England. “I had to make a decision to move back to Southwick but I don’t regret my time at Savannah because I truly believe when I removed myself from family and friends, I was able to have a new experience where I made new friends who I learned from and who learned from me,” Davis said. Davis believes that there has always been an important life lesson which she has learned from every place she has been.

   By continuing to follow her heart and spread the positivity which she believes in, she has ultimately ended up at the West Springfield High School. “The library is supposed to be the heart of the school, it really is. So my goal is to make the library a place where everyone feels welcome,” Davis said. One of her goals going into becoming a library media specialist is working with teachers and finding ways to support them in the classroom. She believes this high school provides a platform for her where she can accomplish this goal and continue to change and learn. Offering a very lively and energetic persona, Elizabeth Davis comes with a hope of prosperity and an air of positivity in the West Springfield Community.