Terrier Times Top 5 Netflix Originals


Emilia Caney, A&E Editor

Netflix, an instant streaming website, is the go to for those who are sitting at home, bored out of their minds or who want to binge watch The Office and Friends. Something on Netflix that are often overlooked, are Netflix Originals. These are shows and movies created by Netflix that either blow up or crash and burn. A handful of shows have blown up and have won more awards than actual movies and shows. Here are a few of the most-see Netflix Originals.

  1. Stranger Things 2 Poster
    ‘Stranger Things 2’ Poster

    Stranger Things: When Will Byers disappears, the whole town of Hawkins turns upside down (haha get it). His family, friends, and the police chief, are all on the search for Will, but when his friends are searching for him, they discover a supernatural trail. They then meet a girl with a shaved head, who they call Eleven. They discover she is a part of the trail; she has telepathic powers and is on the run from someone, or something. Throughout Stranger Things, you are taken on a journey of three stories full of clues, mysteries, and powers that all eventually tie together. This show is full of twists and turns and has been nominated for many awards. It is by far the best Netflix original. It’s an interesting show for all ages, containing sci-fi, comedy, and a bit of drama. If you enjoy seeing close bonds between friends, supernatural occurrences, plot twist and amazing acting, then you will love this show (and watch it before season 2 premieres on October 27)! 

  2. 13 Reasons Why:
    ’13 Reasons Why’ Post

    13 Reasons Why is a show was based on the original book, by Jay Asher. This story follows Clay Jensen as his life changes forever when he returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it. Inside there are cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his crush who tragically committed suicide two weeks earlier. On these thirteen tapes, Hannah unfolds an emotional audio diary, detailing the thirteen reasons why (roll credits) she decided to end her life. This show was very powerful and deep, as is the book. The show and the book alike, bring light to tragic events that occur every minute, even every second, in the world. This show discusses a very hard topic, like self harm, rape, and suicide, which may be hard and triggering to watch. On the graphic episodes, there are warnings, so do heed those warnings. But overall, this was a hard hitting show that will make you laugh and cry (mostly cry) but most importantly, will help you understand those who go through what Hannah went through.

  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events:

    ASOUFE Posters
    ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Poster

    Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to go live with their cruel and mysterious distant relative, Count Olaf, after their parents’ home and possessions are consumed by a house fire. What was thought to be a new beginning for the Baudelaire children at Count Olaf’s house sets off the first problem in a series of unfortunate events. This show was amazing. I loved every second of it. It’s very creepy at times, sad every so often, but mostly hilarious.  Not as good as the book or the movie, it was very well done. It was very descriptive and was exactly how I pictured everything in the book. The acting was amazing; Neil Patrick Harris was an amazing Count Olaf and Patrick Warburton was great as Lemony Snicket, the narrator of the show. Full of twist and turns, this show will have you on the edge of your seat.

  4. Fuller House Poster
    ‘Fuller House’ Poster

    Fuller House: ‘Fuller House’ is a spin-off of the classic ‘Full House’. In ‘Fuller House’, D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a recently widowed mom to Jackson, Max, and her newborn son Tommy. After realizing she is unable to cope with the demands of holding a full time job as a veterinarian and raising three kids, her sister, Stephanie, and childhood best friend, Kimmy, offer to move in to help D.J. As a children many of us were ‘Full House’ fanatics, so many harshly criticized this show. This Netflix original is very corny. The acting doesn’t seem natural unlike the original show. Before this show premiered, they made a huge deal, but D.J., Steph, Kimmy, and Steve are the only regulars on the show. The rest of the family is rarely on and Michelle hasn’t even made an appearance. For those who have never seen ‘Full House’, or didn’t watch it religiously like many did when they were young, may enjoy it. The corny, forced jokes may be funny, but for those who loved the original, it’s nothing but a cheap knock off.

  5. MAM Poster
    ‘Making a Murderer’ Poster

    Making a Murderer: This 14 episode long documentary tv show is about Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and spent 18 years in prison. He was released because DNA evidence proved him innocent. While trying to expose corruption in local law enforcement, he finds himself, once again, the prime suspect of a new crime. This show takes you inside a high-stakes criminal case where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear. The show has its ups and downs. Did he do it? Did he not do it? It will make you second guess yourself.  They lay out the evidence and take you through the process in order to find out whether he’s guilty or not. Watch and find out. If you’re interested in the crime world, this is the exact show for you.