Spotlight: What Inspires You?

What inspires you?

“Someone that inspires me is Diana Taurasi, shes a basketball player in the WNBA, who is currently the All Time Leading Scorer in WNBA history and she is still playing.  I chose her because I feel as though I play like her, and I inspire to be like her on and off the court.  She is a team leader and supports her teammates, which is something I look forward to doing this upcoming basketball season”
-Angela Czeremcha, sophomore
Being part of a group of people that work together to make something happen. Seeing people help each other be successful inspires me.
-Trevor Morin, senior
-Leigh Anna Brayton, sophomore
“My inspiration comes from art, baseball, movies, and my girlfriend.”
-Brendan  Diaz, Junior
-John Gilhooly, Senior


“Literature, Music and Poetry, A single thread of the arts which has been consistent throughout my entire life”.
-Thomas Kemp, Special Ed Teacher


Inspiration is abundant. I am surprised at how often inspiration just wants me to wake up to it- a poem that finds its way to me, a feather found on a walk, the smell of coffee on the stove on a Sunday morning, the feeling of compassion.
-Ms. Kasunick, Art Teacher

“What doesn’t inspire me?”
-Ms. Barnicle, PE & Health teacher, Varsity Volleyball coach

“The sandwiches we get on the bus when we have away games.”
Lindsey Frosch and Katie Bargalla, sophmores


“My dad. All of my family members inspire me.”
-Paul Malinoski, sophomore


“The idea that I can always do better even when I’ve tried my hardest. My family, friends and my girlfriend inspire me too.”
-Manny Miranda, junior