New Faces on the Faculty

Iman Zafar, Reporter

Michelle Bartman, Special Ed English Teacher

Joining us from a Middle School in Holyoke

Education:  Umass Amherst Graduate with Bachelor’s in History and Masters in secondary education

First Impression of WSHS: “It’s a really awesome place to be with a great sense of community.”

Fun Fact: Likes Cats


Christine Cousineau, Math Teacher

Joining us from Chicopee High School

Education: Umass Amherst graduate with a Honors Bachelors in Mathematics, Minor in Anthropology and Masters in Education.

First Impression of WSHS: “Incredibly positive, everyone seems very professional; the students staff and faculty.”

Fun Fact: A licensed Pound Fitness Instructor


Nathan Holesovsky, Band instructor/Music teacher
Joining us from The Pioneer Valley Regional School

Education: Bachelor’s in Music Education from Umass Amherst. Masters in Music Education from Boston University.

First Impression of WSHS: “Diverse, welcoming for sure. I feel very welcomed by the kids and the community at large.”

Fun Fact: Owns chickens, rabbits and pigs on a small farm.


Jason Orne, Interim Math Teacher

Joining us from White Brook, Easthampton

Education: Bachelor’s in Applied Actuarial Mathematics from Bryant University

First Impression of WSHS: “I really enjoy being here, students seem to be very dedicated and the staff is very supportive.”

Fun Fact: Enjoys Table Topping games and magic


Katie Wrona, Science Teacher

Joining us from Sci Tech and Central in Springfield.

Education: Bachelor’s in Biological Science from the University of Buffalo. Masters in Education from Umass Amherst.

First Impression of WSHS: “It’s been really good and everybody is really nice.”

Fun Fact: Plays Ice Hockey


Jessica Roy, Special Education Teacher for the Developmental Learning Program

Joining us from Holyoke Public Schools

Education: Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies and Masters in Early Childhood Education from Westfield State

First Impression of WSHS: “A wonderful community that is very invested in their students and their success.”

Fun Fact: Loves to spend time with her Two boys


Paul Murray, Technology Teacher
Joining us from Springfield Public Schools

Education: Bachelor’s in Economics from Umass Amherst and Masters in Software Engineering from Brandeis University

First Impressions of WSHS: “The Kids here are very cooperative and the school provides lots of opportunities for the students.”

Fun Fact: Looking forward to starting an Advanced Placement Computer Science class