80 Second Editorial Fall 2017 Responses

80 Second Editorials are questions created by the Terrier Times staff and answered by students and faculty. All questions are based on the personal opinions of participants and do not represent the opinions of the Terrier Times staff.

80 Second Editorial Fall 2017 Responses

Do you think the current dress code needs to be changed? If so how and why? If not, why?

Yes, I think the dress code should be changed because it is the students freedom to wear what they want, the school is restricting the students and when they grow up they are not going to know what to wear or the length. -Elif Ozdemir, Grade 10

I do not believe the current dress code needs to be changed. This is so because it is ensuring that everyone in the school community are not only respecting themselves but others as well. It is also ensuring that clothes do not become a distraction in class for students. -Yole Tiangbe, Grade 10

No, I believe that the current dress code is sufficient and needs not to be changed. The dress code is already pretty flexible so I don’t see the need for a change.  -Brendan Diaz, Grade 11

Not really, as long as people are aware and responsible with what they wear and aren’t being shamed for what they wear -Ingrim Yard, Grade 12

Are humans affecting climate change? Is climate change causing more frequent and destructive storms? If so how? If not, why not?

Anyone who says humans aren’t causing climate change is ignoring the facts. It’s that simple. The question of how much climate change affects storms is more debatable, but a proven scientific concept is that air holds more moisture when it is hotter, and hurricanes, like Irma and Harvey, are powered by warm water. The fact that we have had two 1 in 500 year storms in the span of a month needs to bring people’s attention to the fact that we are changing our planet’s climate, and not for the better.- Nate Lapointe, Grade 10

Humans affect climate change through pollution, littering, etc. Humans pollute the earth, making soil less vitamin rich where you can’t grow plants, trees are becoming diseased, and natural disasters are occurring. If our bad habits can fill trees with diseases, I’m sure it contributes to storms to some degree. We’ve had many hurricanes this year, and pollution rates are increasing as the years pass. There must be some connection.- Kira Poloski, Grade 10

No, I don’t think they are. I think that climate change is mostly caused by the sun, but if they are affecting it it’s very little. – Zachary Grant, Grade 10

I don’t think that humans are affecting climate change because there are storms on other planets and the sun where people do not live.- Justine Hickey, Grade 10

Should all student government representatives be elected by their classes? Why or why not?

I think that the student government representatives should be elected by the staff/teacher at school because if they are elected by students, then most students will just vote for who they like and not who’s actually a good representative. -Abdullah Aljanabi, Grade 10

Yes, because we should be able to elect someone who understands us -Emily Morgan, Grade 12

I don’t think student government representatives should be elected by the whole class. I think that just the members of student government should vote because opening it up would just lead to a very biased vote, a popularity contest. Student government members know what’s right for the club and the school, which would lead to choosing a more suited candidate with less bias.

-Sara LaFrance, Grade 10

No, I think that we need younger kids pushing the older ones in terms of a leadership role, and the younger the intellect the better. -Nicholas Byron, Grade 12

Is it cruel to use elephants for entertainment purposes? Why or why not?

Yes, it is cruel to use elephants for entertainment purposes because they have minds of their own and deserve to be treated as beings of the earth.- Sinead Garvey, Grade 10

No. Those who use elephants for entertainment purposes are not harming the animals, they are just simply involving them in their act. Jacob Bogacz -Grade 10

If they are treated badly is is cruel but many other animals are used for entertainment purposes also. As long as they are treated right it is not cruel. Kaitlin Bailey, Grade 10

Yes, the elephants are abused and neglected for human enjoyment which is not okay. -Haley Riddles, Grade 10

Should we remove statutes of historical figures that may be offensive to members of the population?   

People can’t change the history of their country or the world, and they should appreciate that the events that happened in the past, including those statues of historical figures were involved in, shaped the world that we all live in today. -Jacob Colson, Grade 10

No, because they are a part of history and it may be offensive but it taught a lesson to the country of what to do and what not to do and without that history we may have never known -Chrysta Basham, Grade 10

Yes. If we don’t it will simply just cause more problems and more hate. Annabella Whalen, grade 10

No, no, no. Though they may be offensive (what isn’t these days),they’re a part of our history, and as far as I know, you cannot erase history. I fully understand the reasons behind taking them down and why they’re “bad”, but those statues should be a reminder that, “Hey, let’s not do this again, it was terrible.”

-Nina Bourassa, Grade 9

Yes, absolutely. If something offends people, why put it in the public eye? Mr. Bell, Art teacher

On the one hand, these statues are historic and show respect to the dead. By that merit alone we should keep a few of them, as I’ve heard many a story about struggles with allowing monuments to remain unmolested by the hands of time. However, using these statues of people that were/are offensive to certain people as an excuse to offend people should not be tolerated. -Keely Guindon, Grade 12

No, because they are historical figures, we will still know about the person. If someone is offended, big deal, the person isn’t alive anymore, there’s nothing we can do about that. But we still need to learn from our past. Removing historical figures is just another way of sugar-coating everything in our lives. -Leigh-Anna Brayton, Grade 10