80 Second Editorial Responses



Would stricter gun laws have an impact on mass shootings? Why or why not?

No, I believe that it’s not the guns who kill, it’s the people who are sick. If you take away certain gun rights, criminals don’t follow the law anyway, so you’d just be taking away innocent people’s right to bear arms.

-Ethan Garstka, Grade 9


No, the gun laws already require a state issued ID (i.g Driver licence) and a background check which prevents most people that have a history of problems from buying a gun, A better way to get rid of gun violence is project exile which puts any felon into jail and for the second offence would lock them up for an even longer time.

-Timofey Shapkin, Grade 11


Yes.  Fewer people with guns means fewer people who can shoot other people.The counterargument — that if more “good” people have guns they could shoot “bad” people — is scary.

-Howard Bernard, Faculty

Yes. We should have thorough background checks on people trying to purchase guns. Finding things that raise red flags will signal that they are not able to get a gun and will prevent mass shootings in the long run.

-Zoe Morris, Grade 11


Is there effective communication between the students and the school? Why or why not?


I think there is a decent amount, as students can take part in activities that put them in a spot where they can communicate and make a difference within the school. However, I believe there could be easier ways for students to be a part of their school community.

-Sara LaFrance, Grade 10


No, there is not effective communication between the students and the school because of how often we receive emails. Not everyone is able to check them thus causing a blockage of information and a large amount of emails that most likely has some emails that are of no use to some students.

-Lucas Scalzo. Grade 12


Do you agree with taking a knee as a form of protest? Why or why not?

If you actually feel like it embodies who you are then yes because it is a peaceful protest.

-Nayef Denny, Grade 12


It is symbolic speech which is protected by the 1st Amendment. Technically there is nothing wrong with it, it is peaceful protest and it doesn’t hurt anybody. It might show a lack of respect but that is the message these people are trying to get across. They don’t want to stand for what our country is doing right now, which I can agree with.

-Isabella Boutet, Grade 12


No because it is disrespectful to the country, the USA has many spots for change, however it is still a country people take for granted. In other countries, you could be killed for taking a knee as a form of protest, in other countries you could be killed for protesting in general or for disrespecting the flag, and here people don’t realize how many rights we do have here

-Antonia Perakis, Grade 10


I don’t agree with it because that flag represents this country and all the history behind it. All the people who have worked and died for this country to give you the rights you have today are represented by the flag and national anthem. If you want to protest something and actually cause change you should protest and issue directly and go out and address the problem with a solution.

-Everest Rainville, Grade 10


What is or can be done to effectively prevent violence against women?

Making more programs or expanding the MVP to more students, not just in this school but every school to get awareness out.

-Julianna Riccardi, Grade 12


We need society to know that it’s okay for a male to express feelings rather than bottling them up and acting out in violence they often regret

-Julia Cookbasham, Grade 12


At this point, I’m not completely sure if there’s anything we can do. We can’t control what the men do or think against women and I don’t think their mindset will ever change.

-Gilliam Gray, Grade 9


Teach everyone from a young age to respect each other. Stricter consequences.

-Kristina Savitskaya, Grade 12


Should Narcan (heroin overdose drug) be available on college campuses? Why or why not?


Yes, there is enough drug overdose cases, most in the college area, there should be remedies on campus. Evelyn Morrissette, Grade 9


Anyone in an authoritative position such as campus police, emergency responders, etc should have it.

-Danielle Verdon, Grade 12


No, because if it is available to them then they will think they have a second chance and will do it more.

-Alexander Schwede, Grade 9


Narcan definitely should not be available on college campuses because it is a harmful substance to any individual and can lead to bigger issues throughout others. In addition, it is a big risk and danger to expose anybody to that kind of drug.

-Arianna Santana, Grade 11


Are Police Body Cameras Necessary? Why or why not?


They should be, in order to get the truth when it comes to violence that ends up on the media

-Tatyana Smith, Grade 11.


I don’t think police body cameras are necessary as it can be against their privacy and cause a bit of controversy among the community.

-Nicholas Pardave, Grade 10


Do you feel that this school is really diverse? Why or why not?

This school is vastly diverse. There are people from all over, all races and languages and all different backgrounds. It’s also what makes this school, this school.

-Andre Olivo, Grade 9


Yes and no because while there are many kids from different backgrounds and such I feel as if I don’t really ever see the special needs children in the hallways, even during class.

– Chloe Renaud, Grade 9


I think this school is very diverse, despite initially being mostly white. I see so many cultures represented and respected here almost every day, and while it’s true that West Side was a predominantly white school a decade or two ago, we’ve made tremendous improvement since then.

– Will Harrington, Grade 12