Spotlight: What Are You Thankful For?

“I’m thankful for my beautiful girls, my wife and daughter.”
-Mr. Johnson, English Teacher


“Mostly good health, family and friends.”
-Mr. Rivera, Math Teacher


“My health.”
-Kelly, The lunch lady


“I’m thankful for food; lasagna.”
-Kiara Walker Jiles, Junior


“Family, warm home, job, and chocolate.”
-Ms. Lepine, Photography


“My family, my life.”
-Mr. Gillane, History


-Nick Toma, Sophomore


“My students, the opportunity to come in and work with young people everyday and Clydesdale.”
-Mr. Taylor, History Teacher


-Takhsil Taksilov, Junior


“My job, health, my wife, food and water, because there are a lot of places in the world that don’t have those. My relationship with God and family, Jeez, there are so much.”
-Mr. Svec, Science Teacher


“My mom.”
-Danielle Verdon, Senior


“My family.”
-Mr. Bernard, Science Teacher


“My warm house, my family, my little brother especially, and my beautiful girlfriend.”
-Brendan Diaz, Junior