A Bookworm’s Guide to a Cozy Winter


Hailey MacDonald, Editor in Chief

If you’re anything like me, one of the best parts about winter is being able to stay inside all day in the warm, cozy temperatures of the house while watching a cold, bitter snow storm rage. But, what makes these days even better is a good book to warm the soul. Below are some mystery and thriller novels that you won’t be able to put down all day, and that will take you on a journey so far that you won’t even realize you’re still in your own home.


  • The Good Girl – Mary Kubica


Mia Dennett is not the girl her parents want her to be. Her father, a judge in town, and her mother do not particularly support her in all of her decisions, but when she goes missing, her mother along with the town police department spend night and day trying to unveil the mystery of her disappearance. When Mia goes home with a strange man named Colin that she met at the local bar after a long night of drinking, she is then taken to a secret cabin in the middle of the woods in Michigan. However, what Mia doesn’t know is that Colin is just trying to protect her from another group of people who are trying to hurt her. His strange way of protection is not the most ideal in anyone’s eyes, and Mia’s long trek with her abductor quickly turns into a nightmare. With a plot twist that will tug on your heart strings, you will be on the edge of your seat until the very last sentence.

Want to go Private? – Sarah Darer Littman



In this social media nightmare, a rising high school freshman named Abby begins online chatting with a mysterious, unfaced man named Luke. Their innocent small talk turns into a series of video chats, but she never is able to truly see what he looks like. Abby feels safe, loved and accepted when she talks to Luke, and she feels that he is the only one that understands her. Luke asks to meet up with her at a local mall, but after a strange interaction between the couple, she goes missing. Abby’s family works closely with the law enforcement to try to find their young daughter, but they have no clue about her online profile, who Luke is, or what he is capable of.

The Winter People – Jennifer McMahon



Nineteen year old Ruthie and her little sister Fawn wake up one morning to their mother missing from their home in West Hall, Vermont; a small town in the middle of an isolated and mysterious community. Their town is infamous for stange disappearances after Sara Harrison Shea went missing just weeks after her daughter was killed in 1908. Now, over a century later, Ruthie finds Sara’s old diary, a gun and two licenses belonging to strangers in a secret compartment in her mother’s floorboards in the midst of looking for clues to help bring her mother home. This diary opens up a whole new world for Ruthie, and she discovers that there may be a lot more to her life than she knew before, and that she is not the only person looking to put together missing pieces to their puzzle.

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

Every day, Rachel rides the train to work. After her recent divorce, she becomes an alcoholic, and would spend her time looking out the window trying to imagine that she lived a different, happy life. She particularly enjoys looking at a young married couple, a man and a woman that she calls Jason and Jess. She believes Jason and Jess are the perfect couple, but she doesn’t really know what goes on beneath the surface. One day, Rachel sees something surprising, and a few days later, Jess goes missing. She is convinced that she knows what happened to Jess, but no one believes her because of the reputation she developed for herself. Rachel won’t stop until she proves that she knows what happened to Jess, but she doesn’t know when to stop before it is too late.



The Impossible Knife of Memory – Laurie Halse Anderson



Hayley Kincain lives a life filled with struggles, responsibilities and disappointments. She often finds herself traveling around with her father, a war veteran who suffers from intense PTSD, in order to try to escape her his mental health problems while also attempting to keep up with her studies. Eventually she finds herself back in her home town, and she is finally able to settle down in a nice high school and live a somewhat normal life. She begins to see a boy name Finn, who is the closest thing to a friend she’s had in a long time. Yet as time goes on, things begin to crash down again, just as they always do, and she is left to put back the pieces of her life. Hayley takes you on the journey through her life of a child having to care for her mentally ill father, and at some time, everyone reaches their breaking point.