Anticipated Novels of 2018

Anticipated Novels of 2018

Hailey MacDonald, Editor-in-Chief

Job of the Wasp – Colin Winette

When the young narrator is sent to live in a new residence for orphaned boys, he notices that there is something peculiar about the isolated house. Both his classmates and the Headmaster are viscous toward one another, and especially strange toward him. The overall environment is extremely sinister, and eventually, unidentified corpses begin to show up throughout the property. The boy yearns to discover the mysteries within the school’s past, and what he begins to find out is not what any home for children should contain.


The Widows of Malabar Hill – Sujata Massey

1920’s India is no place for women in power, but this book tells the story of a milestone in women’s rights history. Perveen Mistry has joined her father’s law firm and has become the first female lawyer in the country’s history. She has been assigned an eerie case regarding the death of Malabar Hill, and strange messages he has left behind to his three wives. It is her time to shine in the law industry, and she must ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself, especially when a murder is unveiled.


The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn

Anna Fox has not left her house in ten months. She fears the world on the outside, and her only outlet to reality is looking through her window. One day, Anna is startled by a heart-wrenching scream, and her seemingly perfect new neighbors do something that she was not supposed to see. Will anyone believe what she saw because of her reputation, or will the authorities just think she’s delusional?


Death Below the Stairs – Jennifer Ashley

When Lord Rankin offers chef Kat Holloway a job at the Mayfair mansion, she is exposed to their strange habits and style of living. Soon after, her young Irish assistant is murdered, and Kat will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of her death. A lot of twists and turns will lead Kat to requesting the help of the delivery man, Daniel McAdam, and together they unveil the strange occurrences that have happened throughout the country; including ones that will put their Queen in danger.


The Broken Girls – Simone St James

In a small town in Vermont in 1950, four students become friends due to their similar beliefs in the haunting of their all-girls boarding school. These girls belong to Idlewild Hall: a place where girls are sent when they are unwanted in their homes. Mysteriously, one of them goes missing, never to be found again. Now, in 2014, journalist Fiona Sheridan begins researching and writing about the abandoned Idlewild Hall, which is now being restored. What she discovers about what that place once was links to the death of her older sister, who was found dead in an old field in that same small town surrounding Idlewild Hall. But once she gets too deep, there’s no turning back.