Talented Student Artists To Watch Out For


Gabrielle Daley, Feature Editior

In her freshman year, little did Farrah Adam know that when she walked into Mr. Bell’s art class, paints and clay would quickly become her passion, love, and future. Adam is very skilled at painting and also specializes in pottery, she loves to throw the wheel. She gives an elderly woman painting lessons currently and dreams of opening her own studio after concentrating in art education and ceramics. “I have to thank the West Springfield Art Department for opening my eyes to this new passion and being so supportive as I intend to pursue art in college,” the senior said.

Keith Caleb Jones has been passionate about art, specifically sketching and drawing cartoons and comics since he was in third grade. He was inspired by his grandfather, Alvin Paige, who was a sculptor. He would love to major in art, open his own studio, and animated movies in the future. He also starred in the school play, and writes and draws in his sketchbook whenever he can.


At the age of seven, Madeline Shewede’s parents signed her up for piano lessons at the Music Cellar. She participated in annual competitions against other pianists her age. Her freshman year, she won first place when she played a piece by Chopin, a composer she loves.Due to her busy school schedule, she doesn’t play as much as she used to, but the feel of the keys under her fingertips and the sound of music calm her down.


Meghan Brassil has been playing the bass and regular clarinet since the third grade. She’s participated in her school band since elementary. Being a Drum Major for the marching band and a section leader for the concert band, she puts in hours of playing every week. In her sophomore year, she won the Music Excellence Award. She intends to join the marching and concert bands in college.


Debbie Ann Holloway first became interested in music when she picked up the flute and guitar in fourth grade. Since then she has always been a valuable member of her school’s bands and put on many solo performances in middle school with her voice and guitar. Now she’s in a band outside of school and takes the role of its lead singer and guitar rockstar. Holloway plays seven instruments: piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, flute, and the saxophone. She practices playing guitar and singing on a daily basis and aspires to join the marching band in college.