West Side’s Local Favorites


West Springfield is a town which is lucky to have such a variety of local businesses, a diverse center and a variety of unique and family owned restaurants. However, it is the home of many chain restaurants and stores. When the Riverdale Shops opened, many small businesses closed and couldn’t sustain themselves. Small business and crucial to the town economy, and also add to the community’s atmosphere. Instead of always thinking about your favorite fast food joint or well-known restaurant, invest in some of West Springfield diverse businesses.

Memo’s Breakfast and Lunch

Swing by Memo’s in the morning or afternoon for a quality breakfast or lunch with your family. Their menu features pancakes, waffles, customized omelets and your choice of sides. It is a family-friendly restaurant with welcoming staff and quality service.  

Sorrento’s Pizza and Restaurant

This pizzeria and restaurant is always quick, fresh and offers great prices. Their menu features various Italian dishes like eggplant parmesan and chicken marsala. It’s a solid local restaurant and always worth it. Instead of investing in Uno’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Bertucci’s, order Sorrento’s.

JJ’s Soft Serve Ice Cream

JJ’s offers over one hundred soft serve ice cream, it’s the go-to place over the summer to grab an icy treat. It offers nice outdoor seating and has served with a smile.

Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli is a fine Italian restaurant that is known for their pizza and fancy dishes. They recently remodeled to expand their size, which gives the restaurant a more exclusive environment. Their new restaurant now has exquisite Italian pasta, chicken and seafood dishes. They have wonderful ambiance and is the place for inexpensive fine dining.


Andre’s Sport Shop

Walk into Andre’s Sports Shop and be struck with all the blue and white sporting goods, it is the home of West Springfield Sports. Unlike chain sporting stores, Andre’s offers customized apparel for local sports teams. The shop also sponsors Park and Rec teams in town, shop at Andre’s to give back.

Country Store

This convenience store been around West Springfield for years and is very unique compared to your average Cumberland Farms or 7 Eleven. It has a very rustic atmosphere, much like a little shop, you would find in a small town in Virginia. It’s also a popular hangout for kids.

Celery Stalk

However small, this sandwich and grinder shop offers a warm and home-like experience. They offer mouth watering soup too. It’s all homemade and family owned. The atmosphere is quaint and quiet to grab a tasty quick lunch. 

White Hut

This diner has been around 1939. It’s American Restaurant with offers great hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and shakes. You can even buy breakfast there! It has lots business and has good, quick service.

Donut Dip

This bakery, filled with it’s huge and fresh doughnuts opened in 1957 on Riverdale Street. Often people buy boxes full of their cheap, yet delicious doughnuts for breakfast. They have an insane amount of different flavors of doughnuts, and of course, you’re favorite chocolate glazed, frosted and jelly varieties. Grab a coffee and some doughnuts from Donut Dip instead of going to Dunkin’ every morning.


Little George’s
Grab a bite at Little George’s, “The Home of the Ham,” a dinner well known for its ham dinner and breakfast. The offer tasty omelets, hashbrowns and pancakes. They serve cheap breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the border of Westfield. This joint is popular for all West Side natives.

Bottega Cucina

This Italian fine dining restaurant is located on Morgan Road. It’s been around for years and continues to produce excellent pasta, bolognese, and more made from ingredients from local farms. It’s often not crowded, and the staff is super attentive. The atmosphere is romantic, yet very authentic.

Taste of Lebanon

This Lebanese restaurant on Main Street has a wide variety of food native to the middle east, such as: lamb kofta, veggie Kibbeh, zaatar manoushe, and falafel. Make sure to have some of their garlic sauce and fries too. It’s a family-owned business, and everything is made in the house. You can order takeout and they also deliver.

Janna Juice Bar / Grill

Located on Union Street, this juice bar offers nutritious and delicious smoothies, while also providing mouthwatering grilled Mediterranean food. They have vegan and vegetarian options too. The crispy fries are one of the best foods you could ever taste. You can order quick takeout and delivery or sit in their comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. However small, the restaurant is a go-to place.


Partner’s At the Cup

Partner’s is a cozy restaurant located on Westfield Street, serving breakfast and brunch daily. The parking lot in the front has ample parking for everyone. Additionally, the waiters and waitresses provide great service to the customers. The food always comes out hot and people raze about their hot fluffy eggs and omelets, and their tasty sandwiches.

Charlie’s Diner

This diner is yet another breakfast and brunch place in West Springfield. They bake some great pancakes and cook up some mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches and home fries. Their breakfast is more unique than any breakfast chain, they have raisin bread and mimosa for adults. Inside, the diner is very small but it provides an inclusive atmosphere.