Get Breakfast and Lunch At Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen


  Sitting in the center of town on Elm Street, Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen offers a vintage and delicious experience for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions. Entering the restaurant feels like coming home as if you’re walking into your sweet grandma’s little ranch. The floor is full of different tables and chairs, donated by people all around the area. The walls are covered with paintings from local artists, and an old loveseat and table sit by the front window.

However it’s small, and usually quite full, the workers always find a place for those walking in. The service is relatively slow at first, and often customers walk in confused whether they should sit or wait to be seated. The waitresses are always friendly and helpful regardless, and the cook serves quality meals. 

They offer breakfast and lunch, sandwiches full of veggies, cheesy quesadillas, omelets, and yogurts. Everything has a gluten-free option, and even their pancakes are vegan. The pancakes are super fluffy and gigantic; they offer peaches, blueberries and chocolate chips inside of them. Their sandwiches and wraps are served in huge proportions, with thick homemade bread, and are filled to the maximum with meat, veggies, and cheese, or even just veggies if the customer is vegetarian. Cathie’s omelet options are limited, seeing that they only serve three kinds depending on what their specials are, which are written on their cute chalkboard in the front. However, the omelet is unique and fun, and offer gorgonzola and feta cheese in some instead of your average cheddar or Swiss cheese.


There’s a vintage bakery in the back of the restaurant, with gluten-free and vegan decorated cupcakes, cookies and muffins on display. Their cupcakes range in flavors such as Boston cream, apple pie, lemon cherry and pina colada. Unlike Cathie’s food, her baked goods are a bit overpriced. Considering the extra effort to create delicious, gluten-free and vegan recipes, she does have a reason to raise the prices. You can order customized cakes, pies and other treats from the bakery in advance.

In fact, Auntie Cathie first started her business on the side of the country road on a card stand under an umbrella in Wales, Massachusetts. It eventually turned into a farm stand and then a small barn when Cathie gained popularity through her gluten-free baked goods. Having grown up and founded her restaurant on local farmland, Cathie buys all her ingredients from four Massachusetts farmers in Southwick, Grandy and Some.

Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen is always a wonderful experience with its cute atmosphere, yummy food, and delicious baked treats – it’s definitely a go-to restaurant, eleven out of ten.