January 80 Second Editorial Responses

80 Second Editorials are questions created by the Terrier Times staff and answered by students and faculty. All questions are based on the personal opinions of participants and do not represent the opinions of the Terrier Times staff. The editorial questions are available on the Terrier Times website terrier-times.org

January 80 Second Editorial Responses

Joseph Callahan, Opinions Editor

Is Shakespearean Literature still relevant?

“His writings are, but learning how he writes with the old English is pointless since it isn’t in much use in the world now.” – Maxim Taganov

“Yes, Shakespearean literature is still relevant. Although it is hard for us to understand it, it still impacted the way we speak today. Many words that we use now in our colloquial language was taken from Shakespeare, and many stories that we all know and love have been inspired in some way by Shakespeare.” – Adelina Teodorescu

Should all textbooks be online, or should you have the option for a real textbook?

“I think it would be more convenient and better for the environment if all textbooks were online. At the same time, I also believe there should be some real textbooks in classes just in case someone has a concussion or their chromebook is not working.” – Zoe Morris

“We need the option between the two because some kids work well with different methods. Not all students are the same.” – Dylan Jolicoeur

“I think all textbooks should be online because it won’t cost much for the school, and people can’t lose it, but there should be options for others as some might not have the internet at home.” – Laura Tran

“I feel like we should have an option whether we want the online version or the textbook version because for everyone it is different. Some people have a hard time reading stories, poems, novels, etc. online because you can’t really keep track. It is easier to read stuff with the textbook, in my opinion.” – Elif Ozdemir

Do you think the school needs more or less security?

“The school needs more security because nowadays things like bombings and shootings are happening more and more.” – Brenden Bosquet

“I do not think the school needs more OR less security, and I think the level of security put in place now is just enough. We have a School Resources Officer and teachers and administration work to keep students safe. I do not think we need anything more or less than that.” – Sara LaFrance

“I believe the school’s security is fine as it is, having more security would be a waste of money and generally overkill. I wouldn’t say they need less security, but if I were to choose one option, it would be to decrease instead of increase security.” – Ellie Grenier

What’s more important our privacy or national security?

“I feel that personal privacy is more important, as it is a basic right, but I also feel some level of national security must be present. The motivations of the government should always be clear and honest, and there should be assurance that they aren’t using technology to monitor personal information without their owners’ consent, although neither of these can be easily verified.” – Harrison Sloat

“National security could be considered more important because it’s protecting the citizens, as well as the state itself, rather than just a single community. Although everyone deserves their privacy, the state could use national security to be defended.” – Meghan Riberdy

Will you vote when you or if you are already of age? Why or why not?

“Yes, because every vote matters.” – Wylee Candon

“Possibly, it depends on who is running for presidency.” – Chloe Renaud

“Yes, because I believe that for our country to progress, the youngest generations need to vote so the government knows what we want.” – Leighanna Brayton

“No, in the end it doesn’t matter.” -Briana Smith

Is this generation more open-minded when it comes to race, gender, sexual preference, etc.?

“This generation is not any more open-minded than its predecessors. They’re certainly more expressive because the means of communication have increased and it’s easy to spread messages and ideas, but people are not more open-minded. Everyone thinks the way they do and hardly engage in meaningful discussions or listen to other’s opinions. Overall, I think that most people don’t even care about race, gender and sexual preference.” – Everest Rainville

“I think this generation is pretty open-minded when it comes to gender, sexual orientation, and race. We all want to be loved and accepted so we have become more loving and accepting. It’s 2018, we won’t tolerate trans-phobia, homophobia, racism, etc.” – Irma Castillo

“This generation is very confusing and upsetting. Many people are scared to come out about their sexual preference, when at this point, they shouldn’t have to be scared anymore. People are always assuming other people’s genders and it is disappointing. Race? I wish people could understand there’s no difference between us because of the color of our skin. We’re all human, we all should be equal. But we’re not, and it’s not right, or fair.” – Gillian Gray

“Yes, over the course of time, we have become more open-minded on race, gender, sexual preference and more, and we have begun to add or take away anything that may seem to be restricting to the rights of others.” – Nicholas Pardave