Senior Spring Athletes to Watch

Senior Spring Athletes to Watch

Boys Tennis: Josh Alstede     

A four year member of the squad, Alstede has been an asset to the team for the past three seasons and will continue to be a threat this season. He will lead his team at first singles for his senior year after a successful 2017 season primarily playing second singles. He was a PVIAC All-League selection, athlete of the week as well as the season MVP. Alstede went 9-4 at second singles and 2-1 at first singles, displaying an optimistic record. His skill has developed tremendously in the offseason, and he is going to be a team and league stand out for the season to come.


Ally Fontaine

Girls Tennis: Ally Fontaine and Jessica Mosijchuk

These two senior captains are immensely well-respected through the team and lead with high spirits and good attitudes. Fontaine, debuting at first singles last season, faced the best players in Western Mass with composure and a cool demeanor. This sets a positive example for her teammates, which makes her a team role model. Mosijchuk is half of the teams first doubles duo who occasionally also had to set up to play first singles. She’s never afraid to put herself out of her comfort zone and make sacrifices for her teammates, which is what makes her an exceptional captain. Her mental and physical game are always on point, and she is constantly giving 110% for the entire duration of practices and matches. These seniors are sure to make a mark on this season.


Jon Lozada

Boys Volleyball: Jon Lozada

Lozada is a four year player on the boys volleyball team and holds the starting setter position. Throughout his career, he’s tallied 573 assists, 168 digs and 78 kills, which shows that he is a strong player on the court and will be a threat in the upcoming season. Not only does Lozada make his presence known in the starting line-up, but his positive and light-hearted attitude makes him a role model to his teammates off the court as well. The team relies on and looks up to Lozada for his composure, hard work and athleticism.


Farrah Adam and Shannon Larochelle

Girls Softball: Farrah Adam and Shannon Larochelle

This pitcher-catcher duo has been a threat to all their opponents since Adam and Larochelle were just young athletes. Now, as seniors, the pair will shine with their insane cohesion and hard work that has been built up for so many years. Adam, who has 302 career innings pitched and 249 career strikeouts, has talent and composure on the mound, making her pitches unpredictable and lightning speed. Larochelle’s ability to read Adam game in and game out is what makes the teams offense such a powerhouse, but that isn’t the only strength she has. The senior catcher also has an astounding batting average of .449, and 59 hits in the last two seasons alone. Their hard work and talents are apparent through their stats, but their unity is something that you have to see to believe.


Boys Baseball: Zach Culver

Senior Zach Culver will be sure to turn heads this season. With a slugging percentage of .263 and 25 career runs scored, the Terriers baseball team has had quite a few successes from Culver’s talent and hardwork. Not only does he have an impressive offensive game, but his defensive skills might be where he shines the most. He is the second-baseman for the squad where he receives a lot of action from home plate, and the infield greatly relies on Culver. Playing since he was just in little league is what makes him such a reliable teammate, and he will do more great things this year for his team.


Trey Woodall

Boys Track: Trey Woodall

Woodall is just one of the boys outdoor track and field’s many senior athletes who will stand out this season. He is known for his quickness and agility, and his athleticism is what makes him the strong athlete that he is. Woodall’s personal record for the 100M is 12 seconds flat, which makes him an unbelievable threat throughout Western Mass. He also has a triple jump score of 40’5”, making him well rounded and more dangerous. Be sure to keep an eye out for Trey Woodall in his last season running, and jumping, for the Terriers.


Girls Track: Giana Nekitopoulos

This student athlete and team captain not only holds crazy personal records, but she also has her fair share of school records. Though Nekitopoulos may seem quiet and reserved, when she is on the track she makes her presence known. Her speed, composure and technique is what makes her such a strong asset to the team. Her records from the 2017 outdoor season include scoring a 17.43 in 110M hurdles, a 32’1.5” in triple jump and 4’10” in high jump. Nekitopoulos is sure to beat her own personal records again, as she always seems to do, and she will make her mark in the Western Mass and State meets for sure this season.


Arianna Callahan

Girls Lacrosse: Erin Gladu and Arianna Callahan

Gladu and Callahan are the girls lacrosse teams lone seniors for the upcoming season. These captains may lead the team from different sides of the field, but they are able to build chemistry and solidarity throughout the field. Gladu, a sure standout, has 107 goals and 64 assists in her four years on the varsity team, which comes to a total of 171 points. She is on track for well surpassing 200 career points, which is an extraordinary accomplishment. Callahan is the team’s lead defensive player, and though she may reside in the back half of the field, she has tallied 7 career points for her team. Both Gladu and Callahan are going to make their senior year season, and their last season of Terrier athletics, one to remember.


Owen Serafino

Boys Lacrosse: Owen Serafino

Serafino is not only a star soccer player for the Terriers, but he also showcases much of his talents with a lacrosse stick. He is in the starting line-up at the midfield position, where he is able to work hard on both offense and defense. Serafino, the previous junior captain who has now advanced to senior captain, has racked up 53 points in his high school career, which goes to show just a small bit of his contributions to the team. He will continue to be a role model on and off the field this season.