80 Second Editorials


Joseph Callahan, Senior Editior

Should gym class be a requirement for varsity/junior varsity athletes? Why or why not?

“Yes, if gym is a requirement for regular students, it should be required for everyone. A sport is something that students choose to be involved with.” -Heather Simoneau, Senior

“No, because athletics students are already participating in physical activity; therefore, gym class should not be a requirement for athletes. However, health class can be a a requirement.” – Jacky Huang, Senior

“Yes, while a student who is on a Varsity or JV sport might be in better shape because of the sport, they are not learning about other sports that they might become interested in later in life that might not be as high impact and therefore used more frequently as they age. They also might learn new techniques used to train or keep fit, which might help them in their sport of interest.” – Stephen Svec, Faculty

“No, I think students who participate in sports should not be required because they already compete in a lot of physical activity, and they could risk injuries if they are participating in gym classes.” – Lauren Kenney, Junior

Should teachers be required to be CPR and first aid certified? Why or why not?

“I think, without a doubt, that teachers should be required. They need to know what to do in a case of an emergency, considering some teachers are on the 3rd floor, so it would take awhile for them to get help to the class. They need to know what to do, considering in some situations help needs to be given ASAP.” – Jeanette Vorobyova, Senior

“Yes, because you never know when tragedy might strike and if the teachers are uneducated towards that skill they will most likely be held responsible for any damage done.” – Chloe Renaud, Freshman

“No, because at this moment in time plenty of kids are CPR certificated and the nurse is right down the hall so the teachers should not need to learn first aid stuff.” – Devin Svec, Sophomore

How does school impact your mental health?

“It all depends on you and your friends. If you don’t have any friends or people make fun of you it’s obviously going to make to feel bad and affect your mental health. There are lots of people that can be negative at school and ruin your happy mood because they hate school. Another factor is workload which could really add stress and impact students’ mental health.” – Julia Maiolo, Sophomore

“Though being exposed to new, interesting fields and being around friends can improve a person’s mental standing, the extensive stress of classes, tests, and college, as well as the overall stress of having large amounts of work to do, and little time to do it, negatively impacts students mental health.” -Marley Gonsalves, Junior

“School impacts my mental health by not only giving me a community of people that I can feel comfortable around, but a place where I feel welcome and secure.” – Phyllis Landers-Standley, Sophomore

Is religion disappearing with our generation? Why or why not?

“I don’t think religion is disappearing but I do think that it is changing because our generation is more open-minded and willing to listen to others opinions.” -Angelica Liventsov, Senior

“Yes and no, it seems like more and more kids that are from American-born generations are more or less ‘losing touch’ with their religious roots, but it could seem it’s newly apparent because we’re reaching an age where parents let their kids choose whether or not to follow their suit. Kids that were not born in the US, or their parents or grandparents were born on foreign soil seem to stay within their families religious habits or traditions.” – Danielle Verdon, Senior

“Many people are becoming less and less religious. Many children go to church, get baptized or go to the mosque but don’t actually believe their religion is real. They think what the church, mosque etc. believes isn’t true and they just go because their parents want them to. People/students think it isn’t cool or popular to go to church or mosque. They don’t want to be made fun of or for others to think they are weird.” – Antonia Perakis, Sophomore

What is your favorite and least favorite part of living in West Springfield/Pioneer Valley?

“I don’t live in West Side, but I do love Western Mass. I moved here from Central Mass, and went to college out here. When I had the opportunity, I moved out here and got a job. My least favorite part of Western Mass is how people in Boston forget we exist because we’re not in their area.” – Michelle Bartman, Faculty

“I like living in the Pioneer Valley because I feel like a lot of the towns in Western Mass (even though we may have rivalries) know each other and are friendly to one another. I think through sports and out of school activities, it’s easy to meet people from other towns.” – Lauren Kenney, Junior

“I dislike how small it seems and there aren’t that many things that are very interesting going on. But I like the sense of community and how everyone seems to be able to come together.” – Annabella Whalen, Sophomore

What course do you wish our school offered and why?

“I wish the school offered a course on just music where we listen to the music and analyze what we think of different songs.” – Jacob Soja, Sophomore

“I really wish they had a cooking course in our school because it would be a good class to develop beyond high school necessities for life. I think it would help many kids in the long run and it’s a fun course to partake in.” – Daesia Andrews, Junior

“Stock market and stock trading. More and more young people are investing in stock as people cannot trust pension/401k or bounce between jobs too much to have a solid retirement.” – Conor McCormick, Senior

“Our school should offer woodshop and metal shop. This is a good thing because it teaches students how to do cool things like make a basic joint or have the ability to make a chair a carving, or make different kinds of furniture.” – Jared Korzeniowski, Sophomore

Are midterms and finals necessary? Why or why not?

“Midterms and finals hold a lot of weight, causing students to be overwhelmed. However, I think they are important to see what you have actually learned over the semester.” – Haley Riddles, Sophomore

“Obviously they are necessary in order for the survival of the human race. Without midterms and finals, how else are we to judge people’s intelligence? It’s not as though we have grades given to us all year.” – Everest Rainville, Sophomore

“Yes, because it helps the teachers and students retain the information and actually remember what they are learning. It helps the teachers know what they need to focus on more for the next year.” – Wylee Candon, Senior

“I feel they are not necessary as they only show students’ knowledge on one occasion and not the overall learning they received that a grade in a class would instead show.” – Katelyn Johnston, Freshman

Should high school put more emphasis on trades? Why or why not?

“High school should put more emphasis on trades. Odds are, many students will end up doing a job that requires a trade, and it would be very beneficial if they already had a background in the field before they began looking for a job or more training.” – Marley Gonsalves, Junior

“Yes, the decline in trades is drastic. Trades take less schooling and more practice which means it is beneficial to students to start at a younger age. People do not find the importance of the trades until they do not have people to do the work for them. Also, trades can make more money than many educated businesses so why not help students who are better with hands on work get that work done?” – Sydney Miltimore, Freshman

“We already are moving toward skills-based education. I think having classes available for trades is equally important to college preparatory classes. I also think that each class that prepares you for college can offer some skills-based learning that will help you whether you go into a trade or go to college – perhaps most importantly are problem solving and learning to have empathy. Maybe we should all learn a bit of carpentry and plumbing too!” – Mr. Garner, Faculty