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West Side Brings Home ‘West Side Story’

Olivia Acevedo, Editor- in-Chief

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West Side Story is an iconic production known for its musical numbers, breaking of racial barriers and its star-crossed love story. The play was inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and first came to life on the Broadway stage in 1957. After this, it became an enormous hit; one so popular that it was turned into a major motion picture in 1961, receiving more praise and admiration from viewers. Now for the first time, West Side’s drama club has decided to take on the challenge that is, West Side Story.

“People should expect a great musical even though we’re in high school. I think people will be surprised because of all the hard work and effort we’re putting into it,” said drama club president, Trevor Morin.

The plot of West Side Story is a famous one. Although most people perceive it as a romance, it’s much more than just that. The story takes place in a New York City, where gangs and violence are all too common. Two diverse street gangs- one caucasian, the other Puerto Rican- continuously argue and fight over the control of turf. However, as the plot unravels deeper and deeper, an unexpected romance begins to develop, making matters a little more dangerous. As the scene turns more threatening, events begin to unfold quickly and before you know it, the romance turns to tragedy. However, if you are unfamiliar with the story, you’re going to have to experience this classic tale for yourself. There are many factors that make this play special, such as the standout choreography, the catchy music and of course, the powerful message that transpires on stage. From what was heard by the drama club members themselves, preparing for the play is going well. They have been putting in lots of effort for the dances, which are complex at some points. According to Alex Guevremont, ”Everyone has been doing a really good job putting all the effort into their roles while having lots of fun.”

The drama club has not only been enjoying the dancing, but the singing as well. This year, the club has been able to add a music director for the very first time. “The songs are really great and the way they are composed is really well done,” according to lead role, Fatima Ali. Being able to gain this asset to the staff has allowed the actors to explore the world of harmonizing while practicing various singing exercises. Nonetheless, this play is mainly known for its diversity, and the message it carries throughout the story. “It’s a fun show but you also have to pay attention to the message behind it all because it’s a strong one. I think you could be touched by it,” said senior Kareena Valentino.

West Side Story is one that has captured the hearts of many throughout the years. Although the famous story was released in the 1950s, it continues to be very familiar and relevant in pop culture today. The drama club taking on the challenge of this musical, is an example as to how legendary this drama really is. Be sure to check out these talented actors and actresses shining across the stage Memorial Day weekend!

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West Side Brings Home ‘West Side Story’