Music With A Message


Chris Christo

P!NK performs on April 18, 2018. Photo courtesy of Chris Christo and the Boston Herald

Pop-rock singer P!NK began touring in the name of her new album, Beautiful Trauma, in March of 2018. April 18, the tour visited TD Garden in Boston MA. Although P!NK is a name known by many, her older songs are perhaps more familiar. The songs “Raise Your Glass” (2010) and “Just Give Me A Reason” (2012) have occupied the playlists of many. Her new song “Beautiful Trauma” has brought her into the spotlight more recently. The tour opened with P!NK singing “Get The Party Started,” an older song, while swinging from a bright pink chandelier. She is known for her acrobatic abilities and her great showmanship, and this particular concert was certainly not a disappointment.

Many other songs were accompanied by aerial acrobatics, videos, interesting costume changes, huge blow-up props, and special effects. P!NK is not only a talented singer and songwriter, but also performer as the audience is captivated at every show. When she wasn’t dazzling the crowd with her ever-increasing vocal range and onstage stunts, she spoke briefly of current issues such as marriage equality, racial equality, and feminism. This included a video montage about the issues and a heartfelt story about her daughter’s misconceptions about what it means to be a girl. She told the audience the story of how her daughter thought she looked like a boy because of her short hair, so she made a presentation for her. “And in that presentation were androgynous rock stars”, she said. She used personal experiences to prove to her daughter that ‘looking like a girl’ isn’t important, considering that P!NK herself is often told she is too masculine, but still sells out arenas all over the world. She ended her speech by saying “We don’t change. We take the gravel in the shell and we make a pearl.”

The show came to a close with “Glitter in the Air” and “So What,” which is a favorite of many. Before leaving the stage, P!NK, rigged to the ceiling on cable wires, flew and flipped through the air above the crowd, almost close enough to touch fans. With an explosion of confetti, she was gone and the show had ended. P!NK’s vocals, songs, and overall performance were amazing and her new Beautiful Trauma album was a hit. The tour by the same name isn’t over until September of 2018, so make sure to buy tickets for the experience of a lifetime!