Dawn of the Ducks

Samantha Grunden, Opinions Editor

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It all started on a Friday morning of May 18th at West Springfield High School. Walking into the school, a rush of loud chirps filled the cafeteria and hallway. At first, some were confused until realizing the tiny yellow figures being held by the student body. Rubber ducks. Hundreds of miniature rubber ducks were distributed to the incoming traffic of students at the school. Hundreds of squeaking ducks being squeezed. Throughout the school day administrators tried to confiscate the ducks in order for the headaches and distractions to stop, but considering the spirit and determination of the students, the quaking continued throughout the day.

The orchestrator of the duck revival was the man himself, senior William Harrington. “The plan was to go to the school at around 6:30 (when the school was officially open), put the ducks in easy to see and hard to reach places.” Eventually, ducks were just distributed by the handfuls. Harrington mentioned that multiple seniors helped raise the $189 needed to buy the ducks in bulk. He even created a Snapchat account called WSHS_Duckening in order to raise awareness. The prank was well planned and organized. “I wanted it to be something that was lighthearted, non-destructive, and enjoyable by a lot of people. While it didn’t go according to plan, I believe that the senior prank fulfilled those goals quite well,” stated Harrington.  

Harrington also wanted to mention he is trying to raise money for a donation to Dakin Animal Shelter. “I had a small number of ducks painted so that they could be sold for $1 apiece,” Harrington continued with, “These ducks are still available, and I’m planning on selling them to whoever asks for them until senior finals are over.” Support a good cause and get a souvenir from a very memorable senior prank.