Talented Young Singer Pursues His Passion For Music


Senior and musician, Ishak Rai.

Iman Zafar, Reporter

West Springfield High School senior, Ishak Rai has passionately pursued music from a very young age. The inspiration to get into music came from his father, who trained him vocally. Rai started singing when he was twelve and started learning how to play the guitar and piano at the age of fourteen. Ishak was born in India but grew up in a Bhutanese refugee camp located in northwest Nepal. As a child, he was surrounded by music and musical references. From friends who sang to singers on the television, music was ingrained in his lifestyle. Ishak got inspired by Rajesh Payal Rai, a versatile Nepali singer who has sung songs for hundreds of Nepali movies. Ishak moved to the United States in 2014 and has lived in West Springfield, Massachusetts ever since.

Above is Rai’s home setup where he records his music and videos.

His teachers, Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Moynihan have both worked closely with Ishak in his academic life and have witnessed his musical growth from freshman to senior year. Moynihan discovered Ishak’s interest in music while working with him after school.

“I asked him what he likes to do after school. He showed me one of his videos singing and I was just amazed. It was beautiful,” she recalled. He is a self-taught musician and in making his own videos, he uses his own sound system. Not only is he writing the scenes for his videos he has a camera and set up to film. Mrs. Hayes, co-teaches Ishak’s Biology class and is also a fan of his musical talents.

“I think he has a really wonderful professional sounding voice in his videos. It’s very melodic and has a lot of emotion behind it. I’m just proud of how much he has accomplished with his music. I don’t know too many kids who build their own studio, that really speaks to his creativity and perseverance,” said Hayes.

Mrs. Moynihan wanted to let more of West Side community know about the many different talented students that aren’t always in the spotlight. Ishak was one of them.

“He is a phenomenal artist who is very talented, he has come a long way. When he came here, he couldn’t speak English. I am just so proud of him, and so happy for him. People should know about this, it’s just so beautiful. When I see somebody so passionate about something, it really matters.”

Rai plans to pursue music in college. “I want people to want to hear my voice. My music just makes me feel very happy and that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to go to college to learn song recording and more,” he said.

Rai took music classes in Nepal to learn classical Nepali and Hindi music. He even has his own mini studio in his house where he has a set up to record music and YouTube videos. “I used to record a song every Saturday to improve my singing.” He also uses a software on his laptop to mix music and records his songs on the mic. He posts videos on his YouTube channel called “Mero Voice” (my voice).

Ishak Rai is a young musician who has expanded his skills throughout his life in songwriting, singing, playing the guitar, piano and recording. Check out his videos on YouTube so you can experience his music for yourself.