Senior Drama Club Members Take a Final Bow at West Side Story

The full cast gives a final bow

The full cast gives a final bow

Olivia Acevedo, Editor-in-Chief

The cast smiles for pictures after the production

West Side High takes pride in many extracurricular activities, one of them being the drama club. The drama club is made up of a fun, hard-working group of people. These students are typically involved with the club more than once a year and have the skills and character to prove so. On May 24 they performed their final show, West Side Story, featuring several standout seniors. The majority of these seniors have been involved with the club since their freshman year and have evolved into a talented group of close-knit actors.

West Side Story tells the iconic love story of Tony and Maria, two star-crossed lovers who find themselves in a difficult situation. The drama club seniors feel it is a prestigious honor to leave their high school careers behind with this last show.

“It’s a musical masterpiece that’s very complex and intricate. To be able to do it makes me feel so grateful,” according to club president, Trevor Morin. Morin, who’s been with the department since sophomore year, has made a lasting

The Jets before the show

impact on the club and all of its members. He hopes to continue his acting career auditioning for community theater and move on to other acting opportunities to come while getting core classes out of the way at HCC.


Jarrett Allen, who has been with the club since freshman year, has also made his mark on the program and has made many memories doing so. “I’ve gotten to know everyone here way more than anyone in my entire life; I’m nowhere as close to anyone else,” said Allen. He will be attending UMASS Amherst in the fall where he will be studying history and linguistics.

For Christina Bishop, the drama club has been one of the highlights of her four years. “Drama club is a place to have fun and express yourself, I’ve made some amazing friends and have gotten so much experience and knowledge of what I love to do which is acting,” she said. For her future plans, she will be attending HCC for two years where she will then transfer to a four-year school. She doesn’t plan on majoring in a theater but hopes to continue participating in drama, whether it’s through school or an outside program.

Will Harrington is another senior in drama whose skills have blossomed throughout the years. He has taken on a variety of roles over the years, and his personality on and off the stage has left an impression on many. Will has been a vital member of the group as well and has taken away many lessons while doing so, one of them being, “It doesn’t matter about the size of the show, everyone is important in making the show.” Harrington will also be attending UMASS Amherst to consider a career in theater/film and plans to stay involved in the drama world.


Jarrett Allen and Chris Demerski in action with their Jets members.

Autumn Matthew is a senior who’s been involved since her freshman year who has had a very positive experience with the program. According to Matthew, “It’s helped me to grow a lot as a person and it’s helped with various moments in my life.” Autumn will be attending UMASS Boston in the fall where she hopes to study computer science.


The drama club is a program filled with many talented people who have devoted their time to the theater. It’s been a successful program over the years and our seniors have done a great job in making it such a fun, effective atmosphere. However they couldn’t have done it without the help of the crew! Without senior crew members 

Brie Dumont, Samantha Maxfield and Dan Nguyen, the shows would not have been possible. These seniors have done a lot for this program and it’ll be hard not seeing them next year; nonetheless, I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of them.