Stay Active With Sports this Summer

Olivia Acevedo, Editor-in-Chief

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The town of West Springfield takes the utmost pride in sports. It’s safe to say that they’re one of the town’s defining strong suits, especially for the high school. Here at West Side High, student-athletes are very competitive and dedicated to what they do. The passion of these students contributes to the school’s athletic programs and their success throughout the years. Though not every sport is guaranteed to get far, each season there are always teams that shine. However, West Side doesn’t only have athletic programs during the school year, they also offer clinics, camps, and athletic events during the offseason. The summer especially is a huge time for athletes to improve themselves and their game.

Despite there being a larger assumption that fall sports are the only ones to workout in the summer, that’s not true. Even better, the school doesn’t provide events for the high school athletes only. Quite the opposite, they offer programs for kids young to older, allowing them to gain a better understanding of sports of possible interest as well as an experience in the high school.

Park and Rec programs such as Hoop Mania, Kicks and Dribbles, Covering All Bases Baseball Camp and more are summer camp programs offered to children ages 6-14. The programs consist of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, field hockey, track, volleyball, conditioning, and gymnastics. The intentions of the camps are to open up opportunities for kids to gain basic knowledge and skills for various sports. It’s also intended to help kids further their skills while incorporating fun activities doing so. The camps can differ from one to two weeks participation but typically run for two weeks per sport. The kids are able to make new friends at the camps while being introduced to camp counselor “coaches” who help work with them and give them drills to try. Doing so, they’re able to take what they’ve learned from the drills and incorporate them into their everyday skills. This also provides an opportunity for teens to work as a mentor and help teach a sport that they enjoy.

When it comes to the high school itself, teams are often seen here or at other facilities taking part in games and activities. Doing so, these athletes are able to get a head start on the seasons ahead of them, some sooner than others. Throughout the summer, clinics and captain’s practices are held for the student-athletes to participate in. These activities are intended for the students to get an idea of the next season with their teammates and coaches. At the same time, they’ll be in better shape for the sport at hand.

West Side High also opens the weight and cardio rooms inside the gymnasium for those who want to get a good workout in. This gives students a chance to stay fit and exercise without having to spend money on a regular gym membership. The school opens the gym from 8AM to 10:15AM. Many students take advantage of this unique opportunity and have a good time doing it. You can come with your friends and regulate your own workouts to your benefit. It’s a huge convenience for students in the school and it’s definitely one you should check out.

If you’re ever interested in being involved with any of the school and community summer programs such as these, give it a shot this summer. These events are great opportunities for incoming students especially because they’re able to have some insight on their future sports teams. You’ll also be given the chance to meet various coaches and see what the programs are like. For those that just want to try something new, this is the perfect option for you too. Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements and emails from coaches and or the Park and Rec department. You don’t want to miss out!


Stars and Spikes Volleyball Camp: – August 6-August 10 from 9am-3pm/ Grades 3-9

Field Hockey Camp: – July 2,3,5 and 6 from 9:00am to 3:00pm/Grades 5-12

Field Hockey Clinic: – August 6,7,8 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm/Grades 7-12

Hoop Mania Basketball Camp: – July 9-July 13 and July 16-July 20 from 9am-3pm/Ages 6-14

Kicks and Dribbles Soccer Camp: – July 23-July 27 and July 30-August 3 from 9am-3pm/Ages 6-14

Covering All Bases Baseball Camp: – August 6-August 10 from 9am-3pm/Grades 3-8

Track and Field Clinic: – June 18-22 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm/Grades 3-9

Summer Gymnastics Program: – August 6th-10th, August 13th-17th, and August 20st-24th
– 9am-4pm/Ages 4-14