Spotlight: What do you think it means to be successful?


Samantha Grunden, Opinions Editor

Chloe Bramlett
“Making yourself happy, doing something impactful in society, and having a family.”

Nina Bourassa

“To be fulfilled with your life, and having a family.”

Steven Aubin
“Winning a Fortnite match, and reaching tier 100 in Fortnite.

Avery MacGrath
“To be happy, and not wanting to wait for a certain day, living in the moment and having a happy family.” 

Fatima Ali
“To fulfill your dreams and be happy without looking and waiting for something that won’t come to grow up without doubts, being optimistic.”

Chris Demerski
“To be happy, healthy, striving  and having a family.”

Noyan Nurgazov
“To be happy, to appreciate what you have, and to have a family.”

Moe Sawan
“To believe in yourself and to be confident, maybe winning an Oscar.”

Angel Diaz Garcia
“To be able to help out your family and do your own thing, and buying my mom a big house.”