Some Obscure Majors…

Gabrielle Daley, Features Editor

Some students seem to know what they want to major in throughout high school, while others decide during their second year of college. We all know our main majors such as English, Biology, Psychology, Fine Arts or Environmental Science. Here are some obscure and out of place majors…

Adventure Education
This major teaches students how to use the outdoors to expose others to challenging adventures which lead to personal growth and self-discovery. Students train by rock climbing, canoeing, whitewater kayaking and learning wilderness expedition. People with this degree can work in outdoor education at a state or national park, or they could work with outdoor/adventure programs.
Where you can get the degree: Plymouth State University, NH

Students learn about planting, irrigating, weed control, pruning, fertilizers, pest management and any other aspects of citrus tree care. College students work with citrus trees on campus and take courses like Soil Science, Plants and Society and Plant Nutrition. People with this major can work with large citrus production companies, grove service companies, agricultural cooperatives, etc.
Where you can get this degree: Florida Southern College, FL

Beatles, Popular Music, and Society
This major involves the examination of the significance of The Beatles and how they contributed to audiences, identities, ethnicities, industries, or just society in general. People with this degree can become popular music studies specialists or Beatles historians.
Where you can get the degree: Liverpool Hope University (UK)

Bowling Industry Management and Technology
This major essentially prepares you for employment within the bowling industry. Courses students would take include Lane and Pinsetter Maintenance, Bowling Lanes Management and Pro Shop Operations and Instruction. People with this degree entry-level positions within the bowling industry in center management, sales, marketing and technical fields.
Where you can get the degree: Vincennes University, IN

This is a program where students can get a complete understanding of bagpiping as well as specific instruction on the bagpipes. People with this degree can become bagpiper or teach the bagpipes.
Where you can get the degree: Carnegie Mellon University, PA

Puppet Arts
A degree in puppet arts teaches students the creating, building and managing puppets and puppet shows. Classes for this major consist of Puppet Production Techniques, Voice and Diction, Scene Design and Painting and Marionette Performance. People with this degree can enter theatre performance and design, television and film puppetry, school and museum programs.
Where you can get this degree: University of Connecticut, CT

Turfgrass Science
Students study turfgrass species, establishment, maintenance, and pest control of turfgrass used for sports, lawn and golf courses. Classes include Turfgrass Nutrition, Case Studies in Turfgrass Pesticides. And Weed Control. Future jobs for people are golf course maintenance, professional lawn care, sod production, and athletic field maintenance.
Where you can get the degree: Penn State, PA

Farrier Science
This major is the art of horseshoeing. Classes for this degree include Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Horseshoeing Theory and Blacksmithing. People could become a self-employed farrier, go into equine or agricultural industries.
Where to get this degree: Mesalands Community College, NM

Surf Science and Technology
Students majoring in surf science learn how to be a great surfer. People with this degree can go into surf business or become a surf instructor.
Where to get this degree: Cornwall College (UK)

Theme Park Engineering
This degree teaches students electrical engineering and provides training from civil and mechanical engineering departments. People with this degree can become engineers in theme parks (hence the name), amusement facilities and related industries.
Where to get the degree: California State University, CA