Supergirl Meets Little Supergirl

Emilia Caney, Opinions Editor

Emilia Caney, Opinions Editor, and Supergirl.

On June 3rd, 2018, Supergirl was in the Hall of Justice at Six Flags, meeting with children and giving tours of the Hall as she has everyday this summer, except for Wednesdays when the heroes have their meetings. The Hall of Justice had a line going out the door, so she was quickly saying hi, answering questions, and taking pictures. One little girl in line with her mother and sister was very excited to meet her. Supergirl knelt down to talk to the little girl who was grinning ear to ear.

“You’ve been waiting your whole life for this,” said her mother. Supergirl felt very honored hearing that and decided to talk to the little girl a bit longer about her day. They hugged and took a picture, then the family had to leave and the line had to keep moving. Supergirl eventually had to go on a mission, and do some outside recon of Six Flags, in order to ensure everyone in the park was safe.

She was outside not even a minute before getting swamped with excited little children. When she was asked to sign a cape, she realized she didn’t have her signature red sharpie. When she turned around to head back into the Hall of Justice, the Hero in Training, Izzy was already coming toward her, with “excitement in her eyes,” according to Supergirl.

“Supergirl, I thought I was going to miss you! We have a special guest waiting for you inside,” Izzy told her. Supergirl finished meeting with the guests that she had been talking to outside, and grabbed a sharpie from Izzy to sign the cape, and head inside to meet her special guest.

“Supergirl, this little girl is very special. She’s nicknamed after you because of the numerous heart surgeries she’s gone through at such a young age,” Izzy explained. As she rounded the corner into the Hall, she sees the small little girl she had met earlier in the day. Supergirl walks up to her and kneels down. The little girl jumps into Supergirl’s arms and hugs her so tight, even for a Kryptonian (Supergirl and Superman’s race).

“Hello sweetheart,” Supergirl said, “what’s your name?”

“Sophia.” She responds with a huge grin.

“What’s your other name, Sophia?” The mother asked her. Sophia turns from her mother to me with a huge grin on her face.

“SUPERGIRL!” Sophia exclaimed, doing a pose as if she was flying. “Just like you, except I don’t have powers.”

“I think your power is strength,” her mother says..

“I have that superpower too!” Supergirl said to Sophia. “Since you do have a superpower, would you like to become an Honorary Hero in Training?”

Sophia nodded vigorously. Supergirl went to get a Hero Mission for this Little Supergirl, but Batman decided, because she’s been through so much, she should get the certificate. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Fash all agreed, so Supergirl went to get an Honorary Hero Certificate. All the heroes signed the certificate for her, making it extra official, and gave it to her. Sophia looked at the certificate with complete awe and pure happiness. She looked back up at Supergirl, with that same expression and hugged her again. Since Supergirl still had to do outside recon and wanted to spend more time talking to this Little Supergirl, Batman allowed her to talk to her outside, so she could still keep an eye out for crime while spending time with her.

Supergirl, Sophia, her mother, and sister, headed outside of the Hall of Justice. Supergirl bent down to talk to Sophia about her day, her nickname, and superpowers. While they spoke, Sophia hugged Supergirl and wouldn’t let go. Sophia’s mom ended up explaining to Supergirl Sophia’s condition. Sophia was born missing the right side of her heart, also known a tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. Due to this condition, she’s had over three open heart surgeries, and in the future, she will need a heart and lung transplant.

“The one thing that hit me very hard, harder than some of the worst villains I fought,” Supergirl explained to me, “was when her mother told me she doesn’t really have a life expectancy because ‘there’s no reason for her to be alive’”.

Eventually, her outside recon shift was over and the other heroes needed her back inside. She gave one last hug to Little Supergirl, saying it was great to meet her and she hopes to see her soon. Her sister also hugged Supergirl, along with the mother.

“Sophia’s mom hugged me really tight and thanked me for making her daughter so happy, saying ‘it made her life’ and ‘she’s hasn’t seen her this happy in a long time.’” Supergirl recounted with a huge smile.

After this encounter, Sophia came back, again and again, always running into the Hall of Justice and every single time Supergirl knelt down to greet her, almost getting knocked off her feet. Sophia, along with her sisters, Gabriella and Alex, would complete a new hero mission every time they came to visit, completing almost all the ones the heroes had to offer! Whenever Little Supergirl would come in, Supergirl’s day was made brighter. “That little girl has such a positive air about her. I’m very bubbly and happy as is, but she improved my mood 1000%!”

Supergirl is happy and honored she met Sophia. She appreciates her job as a hero and her superpowers, even more, knowing that she’s an inspiration to so many little ones. Each child she met had a special place in her heart, but Little Supergirl Sophie shares a common power… super strength.