Sophomore is The Voice of Teen Band Vague Rendition


Grace Wayrynen is the lead singer for the band Vague Rendition

Molly Kennedy, Sports Editor

There are many talented students at West Springfield High School that work towards their dreams daily. One of them is sophomore talent show winner and athlete Grace Wayrynen. Wayrynen is the lead singer of the teenage band Vague Rendition.

Wayrynen has the ability to sing any genre of music with ease. She has been performing in concert since the age of eleven, and has been singing for many years and advancing her skills and vocal abilities. Along with her impressive vocals, she also plays piano, ukulele, and a little bit of guitar and bass. Wayrynen loves singing and sharing her voice with others. For Wayrynen, singing is a stress reliever and she doesn’t get nervous for shows.

Vague Rendition includes five members, they came up with the name because they believe they are a vague rendition of everyone else. All members, with the exception of Wayrynen, are from Suffield, Connecticut and recently graduated high school. They have been a band for the past four years and Grace joined last year. Since then, the band has become very close and enjoy practicing and performing together. Practices are sometimes hard to schedule due to a majority of the band being in college.

The five members of Vague Rendition include Grace Wayrynen, Ryan Bedlack, Matt Vindigni, Peyton Meissner, and Nick Peroulakis. Ryan Bedlack (19) is the band’s drummer and sophomore at University of Haven. Bedlack is blind in one eye and that has never held him back in music or life. He is very impressive in concert and Bedlack still is able to play complicated drum solos. Matt Vindigni (18) is the band’s bassist. Wayrynen said, “We call him the bus driver because he drives the band.” Peyton Meissner (18) is the band’s guitarist and founder of Vague Rendition. Meissner organizes all of their events and basically manages the band. Nick Peroulakis (18) is the band’s other guitarist but also plays multiple instruments such as bass, trumpet, and more.

Their most common music genre is classic rock. Some frequent covers they perform are “Hotel California,” “Comfortably Numb,” “Santeria,” “Should I stay or Should I go?” Vague Rendition does have a few original songs such as “Here” written by Peroulakis and Bedlack. The band has a variety of outside influences. According to Wayrynen, their biggest inspiration is, “Pink Floyd because they are unique and set themselves apart from other artists.” They plan to keep performing at local places and keep having fun with performing and writing originals. Check out their website, Youtube channel, and social media for their upcoming performances.

Social media: @vaguerendition