What is Getting You Through the School Year?


“Knowing that i’m graduating at the end of the year.” -Richard Darkwa, Senior
“Positive thinking at all times and a smile.” -Onyx, custodian
“My friends” -Jacqui Paige, Senior


“Knowing school and MCAS matters now” -Isabelle Williams, Freshman


“A big bag or Swedish Fish and making sure the girls track team is on track, get it?” -Mr. Griffin


“Not taking finals” -Adriana Brathwaite, Senior


“Saving the turtles and Kevin Anarillo” -Alec Zukowski, Senior


“Thinking about the 180 days being over.” -Paul Malinoski, Junior


“My bright future.” -Jack Coach, Freshman


“Friends, family, and gum. Gum helps me concentrate.”-Griffin Cauley, Junior


“The lunch ladies.” -Jose Acevedo and Mathew Slate, Freshmen, with Tammy Kulik