80 Second Editorials Winter 2018

80 Second Editorials are questions created by the Terrier Times staff and answered by students and faculty. All questions are based on the personal opinions of participants and do not represent the opinions of the Terrier Times staff. The editorial questions are available on the Terrier Times website terrier-times.org.


Is school harder now than it was for our parents? Why or why not?

“Yes, it is harder. There is much more to learn. In their time, there were few books (my father went to a one-room schoolhouse), and the teachers had to teach everyone at once.” Mr. Ballentine, English Teacher

“Absolutely. I showed my father (a chemical engineer who went to RPI) what we were working on in Precalculus and he told me he’s never done what we are working on. So, if he could become a successful engineer without having to graph secant, cosecant, etc. graphs, it got more difficult.” Katie Buoniconti, 12th Grade

“I think in some parts school is harder now than it was for our parents. Mostly because of social media, I think people just like to fight way more. But, I think bullying is a tiny bit decreased now a days. Most problems now are kids vaping, overall all drugs, and anger. People wanting to be seen as a tough person.” Taina Romero, 9th Grade

“Yes, for many reasons. The expectations have become much greater because technology is becoming more advanced, and our country is trying to compete with others. They also used to have study hall daily; now we have it once every other week.” Kayla Rausch, 12th Grade

What is “dating” in 2018?

“People have changed dating a lot given the high amount of sexual content and activity that some people may associate with dating, or even prioritize over the actual love aspect of the relationship. There is a positive though with the rise of the internet and social media, online and long distance relationships are becoming a thing and they’re possible to work out. They’re giving people a chance to be in a potentially better relationship with somebody that they almost didn’t even know existed.” Donald Hunter Jr, 9th Grade

“Nobody goes out for a nice dinner anymore. If you are a highschooler and are dating, you most likely just snapchat back and forth. Very bleak and meaningless.” Julia Harris, 10th Grade

“People think dating could be anything, like having a long snapchat streak with a person you like.” Emma Counter, 11th Grade

“Messing with multiple people and being dishonest about loyalty. There are still some good guys, but many of them just like to play you then leave you.” Stephanie Moreno, 12th Grade

In light of recent security breaches, would you ever consider deleting any of your social media accounts? Why or Why not?

“When my Roblox account got hacked, I secured it right away (2-step verification), along with unfriending many people so their account won’t get hacked. Since then, I’ve checked my twitter and Facebook even more often, and change my passwords every two weeks. If I did get hacked on those accounts, I would change my password. I don’t have any personal info on those accounts anyway (except for a few small things).” Brigette LaValley, 9th Grade

“I would consider deleting any of my social media accounts, if there was any concern or threats made to me or my family.” Jacob Soja, 11th Grade

“Not social media accounts, but accounts involving ordering online using my debit cards.” Olivia Dwyer, 12th Grade

“Depends on which one. There are some I use more prominently than other.” Alyssa Briones, 12th Grade

Is Amazon becoming too powerful? Why or Why not?

“Yes, because of Jeff Bezos.” Eduardo Miranda, 10th Grade

“I think so, it’s controlling everything. It’s even getting into the grocery business!” Emma Counter, 11th Grade

“Yes. Just ask Alexa.” Mr. Brown, English Teacher

“Amazon is just trying to capitalize on everyone’s needs, so competition would say they are too powerful.” Matthew Ryan, 10th Grade

What is a good age to get married? Why?

“When one is in possession of the emotional maturity to be a proper partner.” Mr. Desmond, English Teacher

“Late 20s, early 30s because you have time to start your career and figure out who you are as a person.” Taryn Conway, 9th Grade

“30 because you’ve had your fun and you should start focusing and settling down.” Joey Franco, 10th Grade

“Never, I don’t want to die miserable.” Zachary Grant, 11th Grade

Do you think parents censor (control what they are exposed to) their kids too much or too little? Why?

“It all depends on the kid.” Sofia Sanchez-Mendez, 9th Grade

“Yes, they censor kids too much. Censoring kids for long periods of time only makes it harder for them when they start their life.” Gregory Donovan, 11th Grade

“Censor too little, control too much. If you know what I mean.” Mr. Brown, English Teacher

“All parents are different with their kids. Some are so overprotective it feels like they’re keeping their kids in a box. Some parents do all their kids to be exposed to a lot. I think parents should let go a little so kids can learn, but not too much that they are doing drugs or crazy, life threatening things.” Taina Romero, 9th Grade

Should senior students be able to leave during school lunch? Why or why not?

“I think if senior students have very good grades they should be able to leave school during lunch.” Brendon Bousquet, 12th Grade

“Yeah, they are considered adults, so they should be responsible enough to come back.” Moeen Aleem, 9th Grade

“Yes, because they’re older and will be responsible and come back but, if they don’t they should have consequences.” Dylan Terlik, 10th Grade

“Yes, but if they don’t come back, they lose their privileges.” David Exware, 10th Grade

When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?

“I think throughout the whole year is okay to start listening to Christmas music because Christmas music is iconic.” MayPwa Chit, 12th Grade

“When it’s Christmas or if you like it, then in your car or headphones.” Xavier Cintron, 11th Grade

“After Halloween.” Ilani Rodriguez, 12th Grade

“The month of December, no earlier, no later.” Andre Olivo, 10th Grade