Chances Of Becoming A Professional Athlete

Molly Kennedy, Sports Editor

It’s time to calm down about game day and start doing homework. According to the NCAA, only 0.03% of high school senior basketball players will get drafted into the NBA. Sports can be beneficial mentally and physically, however making sports into a career is very rare and most of the time unrealistic.

Sports can build confidence and friendships skills. Sports teach self discipline and keep your body healthier by relieving stress and staying fit. We all know those athletes who skip homework, and devote every ounce of energy into a sport. The first step to playing sports professionally is to play in college. Only 6% of high school seniors will play a college sport, according to NCAA. In order to get into college, you need to have good grades and meet certain academic standard depending on the school.

Many kids have dreams of becoming a professional athlete, whether it’s going to the Olympics or playing for their favorite football team. Most athletes are not born with natural talent and dedicate lots of time and effort into improving on skills. Athletes value how they are doing in sports, but sometimes if a student has a big game coming up they can struggle to focus in school. Most coaches tell their athletes that academics come first. At WSHS, if a student is failing two classes or more on a report card students can not play temporarily until grades go up. If you are planning on becoming a professional athlete having your academic skills to fall back on can be very essential. As teenagers you never know what life will throw at you. You could get injured or find out you do not have a strong enough passion to turn a sport into your career.

Athletes can get scholarships and get into better colleges because being an athlete looks good on college applications, but who wants to be a dumb athlete? There are many students who are able to balance both sports and school. Being able go to practice, and then doing homework. By doing this you are more likely to do better later on in life, and be able to multi-task.

There are many plausible careers people can pursue that are active and involve sports but don’t involve becoming a professional athlete. There are jobs that allow for one to still be involved in sports and that require athletic skills. These jobs include PE teachers, personal trainers, coaches, lifeguards, and any branch of the military. These are all very good options for people that want to stay active. There are many jobs where athleticism helps, but you still need to graduate high school, and devote time into getting into any career.

Many people have potential and can go somewhere with sports. You should never give up on your dreams. However if it does not end up working out, you will want good grades to fall back on.