Open Mic

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Open Mic

Josana Fenton

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Phyllis Landers Standley- Singer

This Halloween, Mr. Garner, an English teacher at WSHS, held the second open mic of the year in the library. Open mic is open to all students who want to showcase their talents or watch as an audience. All students were welcomed to attend. There were singers, musicians, magicians, and poets who preformed.

There were a variety of talents at the open mic. The performers consisted of singer Phyllis Landers Standley, singer and musician Philip Vitkovskiy, magician Brendon Bosquet,  singer Jillian Carey, and poet Brian Huynh. “Being apart of an event like this can help you get over your stage fears and help you grow,” said Jillian Carey, one of the singers who performed.

Open mic gives you an opportunity to show your talent off and help you grow in your talent which can help you in life after high school. Many take this opportunity to get over their fears of performing in front of an audience by starting small so that in the future, they will feel comfortable performing in front of large crowds. 

Brendon Bosquet- Magician

There are many misconceptions that open mic is limited to singers.  “Most people think that open mic is just for singers and musicians but I want people to know that there are a variety of talents that can be showcased,” said Mr. Garner. “I’ve seen many of the same performers and would like to see some new faces and new performances” he said.

Open mic is a very entertaining event to attend during X-block. Many students find open mic fun to watch and interesting to see the talent that their peers have. It is a friendly environment with an audience that is respectful and applauds all performances. It can really help you to get out of your comfort zone and feel more confident with your talent. “It is nice to have a small platform where students can show their talents to their peers and get feedback from them to better their performances” said Mr. Garner.

Garner is the host of open mic and has done it for years. He enjoys seeing the talents in the school and hopes to get more people to participate in the future coming open mic events. It is a very easy sign up process. A few days before the event, Mr. Garner will send out an email to all students giving them information about when and where it takes place. Open mic takes

Philip Vitkovskiy- Singer/Musician

place in the library during 2nd and 3rd lunches. All students who want to preform or be apart of the audience are to report to room B013 (Mr. Garner’s room) to get a pass by 2pm Tuesday.  If you want to get involved and perform in front of your peers, you can email Mr. Garner at [email protected] to sign up. The next open mic is going to be on December 12th during 2nd and 3rd lunches in the library during X block. Be sure to sign up to preform or watch as an audience! 

Brian Huynh- Poet                          

Jillian Carey- Singer