The Terrier Times Staff’s Favorite Slang Terms

Emilia Caney, Opinions Editor

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Literally (adj): A word used to emphasize an idea, feeling, thought, etc.

  • Ex: I literally can’t even.

Lowkey (adj): Used to express thoughts and feelings of low intensity or that is a secret.

  • Ex: I lowkey don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore… but it’s fine.

Been Knew (phrase): A way of saying “I/We know this” or “I’ve/We’ve known this for a long time”.

  • Ex: Bella – They’re not a good couple.
  • Emily – We been knew.

Bruh (n): Another way of saying “really? Or “seriously”; a reaction to when someone says or does something stupid. (This is our Sports Editor, Molly Kennedy’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: *parent doesn’t vaccinate their kids*
  • Everyone – Bruh.

My Dude (n): A term to call friends; similar to “sis”/”sister”. (This is our Editor-In-Chief, Gabrielle Daley’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: It’s Wednesday my dudes… AHHHHHHHH!

Weird Flex, but Okay (phrase): When someone is bragging about something that they probably shouldn’t be bragging about, but you just let them live their life. (This is our A&E Editor, Mikayla Kudron’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: Benji – I love Trump!
  • Kayla – Weird flex, but okay.

Fire (adj): Something or someone that is cool, good, etc. (This is our Editor-in-Chief, Alyssa Blair’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: This new country song is fire!

Boujee (adj):A shorter version of the French word “bourgeois”; used to describe people, things, and places that are definitively high class. (This is our advisor, Mrs. Corsuff’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: Someone – *goes to the Dominican*
  • Everyone – Wow, Boujee.

Basic (adj): Actions, ideas, items, sayings, etc. that everyone does (This is our Staff Reporter, Brittany Rodriguez’s, favorite word.) – FIX DEFINITION

  • Ex: Friend 1 – *buys Starbucks while wearing uggs with one Airpod in and a scrunchie on her wrist*
  • Friend 2 – Why are you basic?

Love that for you (phrase): A form of sarcasm when someone says something that isn’t actually good, but can also be said as a form of encouragement if whatever was said is actually good; also used as “We/I love that for you” or just “Love that”. (This is our Staff Reporter, Josana Fenton’s, favorite word.)

  • Ex: Joe – I haven’t done my homework since quarter 1.
  • Sam – Love that for you.