80 Second Editorial Spring 2019


Emilia Caney, Opinions Editor

Does your heritage (culture, ethnicity, religion, etc.) influence your daily life in anyway? Why or why not?

“Yes. I come from a family of third generation farmers. I was trained to be compassionate for animals, and I think about it every day.” -Mr. Bell, Art Teacher

“Not my daily life, but it affects holidays, birthdays, etc. We just do thing a little differently.” -Irma Castillo, Junior

“Yes, my culture influences the way I dress and etc, my religion influences my behaviors, how I treat others, and how I deal with my daily life situations etc.” -Hope Manyonge, Junior

“Yes, we speak two languages at home.” -Edeline Sinigur, Sophomore

Do you think AP courses are valuable? Why or why not?

“Absolutely. More than ever, students need high-level, high-expectation courses of study, because, more than ever, we need informed, reasonable, high-skilled thinkers in America.” -Mr. Ballentine, English Teacher

“Yes, the reason is that they give a higher learning step in school then, say, a honors or college course. They give a student the knowledge of ‘Yeah, this is what college could possibly be like when I get there.’ So yes, I think they are valuable.” -Anthony Johnson, Sophomore

Yes, they give you experience and credits for college.” -Chiara Douglas, Sophomore

“Yes I do, as they give a opportunity to increase your GPA more than normal.” -Brian Huynh, Sophomore

Does social media have more of a positive or negative influence on you? Explain.

“Positive, I see some good memes that make me happy.” -Emma Counter, Junior

“It has more of a negative influence because social media starts to make some people believe they aren’t good enough.” -Lily Fericelli, Senior

“According to me it kind of have a positive impact on me. It helps me communicate with people who are my family members in Kenya. But sometimes it has a negative impact because it holds me back from doing some things.” -Hope Manyonge, Junior

“As an adult, I find my social media influence mostly positive. I’ve reconnected with long ago friends and remain up to date with far away family happenings. As a parent of a teen, I also believe social media can have a negative impact. Kids are leaving ‘digital footprints’ and they are not always capable of understanding the far-reaching consequences of one post.” -Ms. Allman, Guidance Counselor

Is there a connection between what you eat and how you feel? If so, elaborate.

Yes. Chocolate makes me happy.” -Mrs. Svec, English Teacher

“Well…  Perhaps. When I’m fatigued I crave peanut butter because I want protein, and I get really happy when I eat chocolate. I don’t know the specifics of it, but I would think that there is a connection.  I mean different foods would cause different chemical reactions in the brain, so that’s what I think.” -Andromeda Fleury, Sophomore

“When I ate two Hershey bars in a row last year I promised myself I would never do that again. I felt awful… but man they were good.” -Mr. Bell, Art Teacher

“Sort of, only because I’m trying to lose weight so if I have something that’s not especially healthy, I may feel guilty.” -Katie Buoniconti, Senior

Do you believe X-Block is useful? Why or why not?

“I believe it can be useful if used properly. I love the open mic! It is a chance for kids to catch up on work. There are probably ways we could make it more predictable in terms of it’s timing and maybe that would make it feel more worthwhile.” -Mr. Garner, English Teacher

“Yes, it gives a period to goof off or catch up on work.” -Matt Ryan, Sophomore

“I think that X-Block is extremely useful because it allows time for student, and student athletes, to complete homework and other work in school, rather than at home where they may not have enough time. It also lets students make up tests, quizzes, and other various work they missed with teachers if they are not able to stay after school. It’s also valuable for the teachers considering 5th block is longer than the rest of the classes, and by having X-Block, it allows the teachers to catch the other classes up to the 5th period classes who have more time.” -Adam Rossmeisl, Sophomore

“No. It is wasted time. It should, if used, be a mandatory study hall.” -Mr. Ballentine, English Teacher

Is common courtesy dead? Why or why not?

“No it’s not dead. It may not be everywhere, but it is alive and well.  I think most of the people you run into, most of the time, are pretty courteous. (We all have our bad days and moments, like the time I cut off Julia Gavel in the parking lot to get to a good spot…) But I think if you look for it, you’ll see it.  If you try it out, you’ll see it even more.” -Mr. Brown, English Teacher

“No, most students in this school usually act with respect, but a few groups of kids at this school don’t have any respect for some people including teachers and janitors.” -Alex Alvarado, Senior

“Heck no! Just hard to find. Some people are absolutely wonderful and others are not.  Common courtesy still exists, but it also depends on what setting you’re in, and what crowds of people are there.” -Andromeda Fleury, Sophomore

“Yes, it’s not as common anymore. Most people are self centered and don’t care about others.” -Emma Counter, Junior

What makes a good coach?

“A good coach is someone that can push you to be the best that you can be. Someone that can also support you in something that you need help in.” -Alakai Antonellis,

“Someone who pushes everybody to do better, does whatever is best for the team, and that actually knows about the sport they are coaching.” -Jack Sheckler, Sophomore

“Mr. Weber aka the GOAT.” –Ethan Garstka, Sophomore

“Devotion, knowledge of sport, connection with team members, no bias.” -Ms. Ferri, Alt. School Director

How you feel about the new Terrier Block? (Describe your experience) What did or didn’t you like about it?

“I don’t like it. You should have an option to just do work or study during terrier block days. Also, the various activities  are interesting, but from what I’ve heard and seen, many teachers weren’t prepared for the events.” – sophomore, Ryan Price

“At first I didn’t like the idea of Terrier Block at all, I thought it was a bad idea because X block was where students were supposed to catch up on their assignments. Now that I have experienced Terrier Block I enjoyed it. I had Meditation and Mindfulness and I loved it. However, I still wish that next year we could have regular X Block too because I believe it’s a perfect time for busy students to do some of their homework, make up tests, and get extra help from teachers. It would be terrible to take away regular X Block for good.”  – sophomore, Christina Murzia

“I liked the new Terrier Block it was different and new, but I would prefer to study than go to Terrier Block since it’s what I am used to.” – sophomore, Carly Chambers

What is one of the most important lessons you have learned this year?

“I learned that snakes will try to hold you back, but let them hate. It’s just fuel for your inner fire.” -sophomore,  Antony Johnston

“To not slack or to not do your work because grades will definitely take a toll.”  -sophomore, Sean Lynch

“Everything you do now will affect your future, but they also won’t determine it.” -sophomore, Mackenzie Smith

“Not getting straight A’s doesn’t mean your dumb.” -sophomore, Chiara Douglas

Do you think summer festivals and concerts are a waste of money or worth it? Why or why not?

“I think they are worth it because memories last a lifetime, and they are fun. Also, you can find cheap tickets so you don’t have to spend too much money.” -sophomore, Kadyn McDonough

“They are worth it because it’s fun and you get to see talent and spend time with friends and family.” -sophomore, Stephanie Rangel

“Concerts are a waste of money since you barely see the artist unless you pay like $1,000.” -sophomore, Edeline Sinigur

Do you support a ban of plastic straws? Do you use metal straws? Why or why not?

“I support the ban of plastic straws because I really hope that it’s going to make a big difference on this earth, I have several metal straws at home but a lot of times when I get coffee/drink from dunkin I don’t bring my metal straw and that is something that I’m going to change.” -sophomore, Kristina Shapovalova

“No I don’t support a ban. Plastic straws are a one time use plastic and they make up a very very small percentage of overall plastic in our world.” -sophomore, Connor Sousa

“I do support a ban of plastic straws as it will help reduce the plastic trash in our world. I do not use metal straws.” -sophomore, Corey Kuang