“Crank and “Leave This Song Behind”

Samantha Grundon, Staff Reporter

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Crank by Ellen Hopkins is a book loosely relating to Hopkins’ daughter’s battle with her methamphetamine addiction. This book follows a teen girl named Kristina, who tries drugs only once and becomes addicted. The audience reads about her family, relationship and drug addiction through poetry. It has extreme plot twists and turns while keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. The reading of the book is unique because each poem took up a page and the poems formed shapes throughout the book. Crank can be a bit depressing at some points because of the constant battle with addiction and the topic of sexual assault. Kristina deals with both of these struggles by indulging herself further into drugs. While reading anyone would grow frustrated with the characters choices. Hopkins writes this poetry book in free verse style which is described as being hypnotic by many. The way she writes free verse helps to form these patterned poems. Because Hopkins writes in this style the reader can use the poem’s imagery and style to help the flow of the book.  This book is definitely for mature audiences because of the touchy subjects and upsetting content sometimes mentioned.

Leave this song behind by Teen Ink

Leave this song behind is the collected works of teenagers who submitted their poems to the website and magazine Teen Ink. Students and teens from across the world submit poetry along with short stories, other writing pieces, art pieces such as paintings or drawing and even photography. Teen Ink specifically chose popular poetry on their website to publish in their book. The topics of the poems ranged from child memories to stress and anxiety. The exciting thing about this book is that with every turn of the page you are exposed to new poems, always different from the last. There a dozens of different personal writing styles because of the collaboration of all of the participants. If one poem wasn’t for your personal taste, there are many more to come and can promise a different topic. On the website readers can access others work and leave reviews, constructive criticism, or compliments on it. The most highly reviews poems were published in a book called Leave This Song Behind. Many reading the book cover to cover will be on the edge of their seat.